Dear students, members of the Student Council and visitors,

Currently, there are about 3000 students studying physics or geophysics in the bachelor’s, master’s, teacher’s (double bachelor/“Zwei-Fach-Bachelor”, Master of Education) and doctoral (Ph.D.) programs. Although the term “Fachschaft” actually represents all students in a certain subject, we (the Student Council) are mostly 15 to 20 active students who take care of student affairs and form the student representation.

So much for general information; we invite you to take a look and explore the permanent construction site “Student Council homepage”. Here, you will find information about studying physics, current information about the members and work done in the Student Council – for example, our office hours – and much more.

If you have any criticism, suggestions or questions, don’t hesitate to send them to us via email.

Have fun!
Yours, the Student Council!