General information about studying physics

Here, we present you with a veritable cornucopia of (vitally) important information for your studies. For general information about what studying in Münster is like, we recommend our study guide. For Erstis (freshmen/students in their first semester), we have a separate area, so that you don’t drown in confusion at the beginning.

If you can’t find something, we are of course still there for you to personally contact so that we can deal with your questions and problems during your studies. So just write us an email or drop by in the Student Council office!

A few links on studying physics

Study guidance is spread around different persons. You can find the contact persons for different questions on the pages of the Department of Physics: Study guidance.

Here, you can find the current course overview (since SS 2006); older (commented) staff and course overviews are archived by the ULB (message from 2014-01-24).

On the pages of the Department of Physics, you can find information about studying in Münster and the current exam regulations and curricula. The exam regulations are one of the most important documents for your studies and determine its entire course. Moreover, there is a page with information about studying physics for pupils.

The Department of Physics brochure (issue 2013), which gives some insight into the main areas of research and institutes, presents the study programs in a concise overview.

On our pages about links and frequently asked questions (FAQ), there is much more information.

Study guidance in the department

Apart from the study guidance offered by the Student Council (study guidance by students) – which is what we’re doing –, there are other study counselors and the study program coordinator (“Studiengangskoordinator:in”; especially for recognition of study achievements and placement into higher semesters). These are not representatives from the student body, but “official” contact persons in the department. Here is an overview of the assignment of responsibilities and the contact persons.