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Bachelor of Music - Music and Education

The Münster University of Music offers the bachelor's degree programme Music and Education which concludes with the conferral of a "Bachelor of Music" (B.  Mus.).

  • Programme goal | Target qualifications

    The bachelor's degree programme "Music and Education" offers artistic-educational training in six academic areas:

    1. Instrument
    2. Singing
    3. Elementary Music
    4. Keyboards & Music Production
    5. Popular Music (Drum set, Bass, Guitar)
    6. Pop-Vocals

    Duration: 4 years (8 semesters)

    It is an undergraduate artistic-educational degree programme which culminates in the conferral of a professionally qualifying degree.
    It provides students with musical-artistic-educational fundamentals and subject-related knowledge in the areas of artistic-instrumental solo and ensemble performance and music educational training, methodological competence, and career-related qualifications. These enable students to critically categorise their music-educational activities, enhance their artistic skills, and conduct themselves in a responsible manner.

  • Programme profile and structure

    The programme has a modular structure. Modules are units of instruction varying in topic, content and duration which lead to partial qualifications. Depending on the module descriptions, students may have a choice of courses within a module.

    The successful completion of the bachelor's degree programme is contingent on completing modules worth a total of 240 credits.

  • Module plans | Examination regulations

    Examination regulations 2022

    Module plans:
    Elementary Music
    Keyboards and Music Production
    Popular Music (Drum-set, Bass, Guitar)

    Examination regulations

    Examination regulations 2016

    Module plans:
    Elementary music
    Keyboards & Music Production
    Popular music

    Examination regulations

  • Aptitude test

    Here you will find information on the aptitude test for the bachelor's degree programme "Bachelor of Music - Music and Education".