Opera Studio Münster

The Münster University of Music and Theater Münster have teamed up to establish the Opera Studio Münster at the start of the 2022/23 theatre season. The aim of the project is to offer comprehensive support to especially talented young singers transitioning from vocal training to an active opera career and to qualify them for a profession which not only requires high-level musical training, but also an extensive range of additional artistic and personal qualifications.

The Opera Studio Münster offers students the opportunity to gain real-world experience in a professional opera setting, accompanied by targeted instruction and mentoring offered by the Münster University of Music. Depending on their suitability and skills for certain roles, the singers will be directly involved in the opera productions at Theater Münster. They will be given parts to study and perform. The Opera Studio provides members with audition coaching and can help them produce digital application materials. The programme is supplemented by cross-genre projects, courses and workshops on various themes.

The Opera Studio serves to promote the early career ambitions of young, highly talented singers and combines professional stage experience with their artistic training in the “Master of Music – Music and Creativity” programme and the “Music Certificate Programme”. First-class artistic instruction and music theatre practice form the foundation for a future career in the opera business.

Over the course of the four-semester master’s programme or two-semester music certificate programme, the Opera Studio Münster offers outstanding bachelor’s-level music conservatory/university graduates the chance to kickstart their solo career in music theatre. A paid internship at Theater Münster offers Opera Studio members the chance to participate in professional productions and gain valuable practical experience on the opera stage.

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Theater Münster and the Münster University of Music invite students to apply for four available spaces in the Opera Studio at the start of the winter semester 2023/24.

Students enrolled in the four-semester master’s degree programme “Music and Creativity” or the two-semester “Music Certificate Programme” at the Münster University of Music are eligible to participate in the Opera Studio. Selected candidates will commence their internship at the Opera Studio on 7 August 2023.

To be eligible to apply, students must have gained admission to the master’s degree programme “Music and Creativity” with a major in singing or successfully completed the master’s degree programme “Music and Creativity” by the end of the summer semester and obtained a study place in the two-semester “Music Certificate Programme” with a major in singing.

Please apply for admission to the master’s programme or music certificate programme via our online portal by 30 March 2023 and submit an informal application via email to the Studienbüro/Examinations Office of the University of Music if you wish to be considered for an internship at the Opera Studio Münster.

View the call for applications for the Opera Studio Münster here.

Further important information about the Opera Studio Münster:

  • Institutions

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    Münster University of Music at the WWU

    The Münster University of Music offers some 500 study places to students in all undergraduate and graduate courses of study. Its activities range from young talent promotion through the Youth Academy, artistic and pedagogically oriented bachelor’s and master’s programmes, teaching degree programmes for prospective music teachers at schools of general education, to certification of musical excellence in concert examinations and artistic doctoral study.

    Our programmes are taught by some 200 instructors, and students regularly receive additional training from renowned visiting artists.

    As one of five higher education institutions of music in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Münster University of Music enjoys an exceptional status as both an independent faculty of the University of Münster (WWU) and a legally registered school of art.

    Students and instructors of the University of Music see themselves as an active and essential part of Münster’s urban culture and maintain close contact with the cultural organisations of the city and the Münsterland region.

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    Theater Münster

    Theater Münster is a large municipal theatre with five artistic departments: music theatre, drama, dance, concert and youth theatre. It stages some 30 premieres and 600 productions every season in its large auditorium (Großes Haus), the smaller auditorium (Kleines Haus), the performance venue “U2” and various external venues in Münster.

    As a university town, central cultural hub in upper North Rhine-Westphalia and the historical site of the Peace of Westphalia, Münster and its modern theatre, built in 1956, offer an ideal environment for communicative and contemporary theatre productions which focus on past achievements, current issues and future challenges.

    Productions are planned with special emphasis on cross-departmental collaboration and digital working methods. In the music theatre department, a diverse repertoire ranging from Baroque masterpieces to contemporary music with new perspectives is presented at all the venues operated by Theater Münster. The dance department invites the audience to experience movement as a community-building element. The acting department presents the latest modern dramatic works, while its youth theatre strives to dismantle barriers and build bridges between generations. Last but not least, the concert department is devoted to presenting a diverse range of classical and contemporary musical compositions.

  • Academic programme

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    Master’s degree programme “Music and Creativity”

    The practice-oriented musical master’s degree programme “Music and Creativity” enables students to acquire in-depth, musical-artistic competence. The knowledge, skills and methods taught in the programme allow graduates to independently pursue their chosen occupation at the highest (artistic) level and creatively, practically and systematically shape the development of music. The standard duration of study for the master’s degree programme “Music and Creativity” is four semesters.

    You can find detailed information about the curricula and the skills graduate acquire in these programmes in the examination regulations for the master’s degree programme “Music and Creativity” and the examination regulations for the “Music Certificate Programme”.

    Members of the Opera Studio may take advantage of other courses offered at the Münster University of Music (e.g. scenic instruction, German and French diction etc.) and participate in (mixed-class) concerts in and outside the University of Music. If desired, students can also put together their own song programmes with accompaniment on a historical pianoforte from the Beetz Collection.

    To acquire additional qualifications, members of the Opera Studio can apply to participate in free elective courses (space is limited).

    Students complete their academic programme and participate in the Opera Studio in the buildings and premises of the Münster University of Music and Theater Münster. Both institutions are located downtown within a short distance from one another.

  • Coordinators

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    Golo Berg, General Music Director

    Dr Katharina Kost-Tolmein,
    General Theatre Director and Head of Music Theatre


    Singing instructors at the Münster University of Music
    Stefan Adam
    Mihailo Arsenski
    Prof. Annette Koch 
    Prof. Ines Krome
  • Contact

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    The contact partner for Opera Studio members at the Münster University of Music is Prof. Annette Koch (email).

    For questions concerning Theater Münster, please contact Dr Katharina Kost-Tolmein via Ms Laura Herder (email, tel.: +49 251 5909-106).

    For general questions concerning the Opera Studio and application modalities, please contact the staff at the Studienbüro at the University of Music.

    Postal address:
    Musikhochschule Münster an der WWU
    Ludgeriplatz 1
    48151 Münster