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The Orchestra of the Münster University of Music

Participation in the Orchestra of the Münster University of Münster, the MHS Orchestra for short, is a central part of the students' education at the Musikhochschule Münster. As a rule, an orchestra project takes place in each semester. This includes weekly work in rehearsals, repertoire rehearsals and a final rehearsal phase before the semester concert. Thematic workshops may also be offered.

The training is based on the requirements for musicians in a professional orchestra (symphony orchestra, theatre orchestra or free ensemble). The working methods and structures of these orchestras are integrated into the rehearsal routine of the MHS orchestra. In this way, students can gain practical experience in an authentic orchestra environment during their studies.

In addition, the standard repertoire is rehearsed during the rehearsal periods. with a view to future rehearsals. Regular participation in concerts also
will familiarise the students with the real demands of a professional orchestra. The repertoire focuses on both the classics of orchestral literature and contemporary works. The repertoire to be played is determined by the Orchestra Council of the University of Music in the run-up to each semester.

The organizational rules of the orchestra can be found in the orchestra rules.

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    Artistic Director

    Marlon Daniel will take over the artistic direction of the course and the semester project in the summer semester of 2024.

    Born in Chicago, where he grew up and discovered as a talented musician at a young age, Marlon Daniel has since developed his career as a conductor - both in the USA and in Europe. He is celebrated by the press as one of the most dynamic conductors of his time. From New York's Carnegie Hall to Prague's Rudolfinum, he has performed in the most prestigious venues and conducted renowned orchestras. He regularly works with contemporary composers. He is currently active internationally as a guest conductor and is artistic and musical director of the Festival International de Musique Saint-Georges, music director of the Ensemble du Monde (chamber orchestra), founder and music director of the ACYO (All Caribbean Youth Orchestra) and assistant conductor of the Florida Grand Opera.

    He gained experience with student orchestras as music director of the Drew University Orchestra and most recently as director of the Fordham University Orchestra Ensemble. Of his work in the university environment, Marlon Daniel says, "I am a builder by nature and love to create a supportive environment that allows for a musically meaningful experience."

    Marlon Daniel was able to engage the American singer Jennifer Forni as the soloist in the MHS orchestra's summer concert. Her warm, shimmering lyric soprano has already lent color to numerous iconic roles, including Desdemona in Verdi's "Otello", La Contessa in Mozart's "Figaro" and Puccini's Madama Butterfly. She will not only perform Strauss' "Brentano Lieder" in concert, but will also give a masterclass for the vocal department of the conservatory.

  • Orchestra Office

    The Orchestra Office is responsible for all organisational matters concerning the orchestra projects at the Münster University of Music. - It can best be reached by e-mail.

    Orchestra Office
    Prof. Koh Gabriel Kameda, Leitung
    Ludgeriplatz 1
    48151 Münster
    Tel: +49 251 83-27455
    Fax: +49 251 83-27460
    E-Mail: orchesterbuero.mhs@uni-muenster.de

  • Orchestra Council

    The Orchestra Council is an indispensable body for the orchestra work that represents the interests of all parties to the orchestra, ensures efficiency and harmony in cooperation and promotes excellence in musical performance. Its work contributes significantly to the success and stability of the orchestra. The Orchestra Council is the decision-making body for the MHS Orchestra. The Orchestra Council works closely with the Orchestra Office to support the long-term planning and development of the orchestra. This may include the development of long-term strategic goals, budgeting, concert programme design and various selection processes. The members consist of representatives from all orchestra groups. Meetings are held regularly, at least twice a semester.

  • Registration and dates

    Registration for participation in the orchestra takes place within the framework of the course selection by the students and in consultation with the main subject teachers. Depending on the study regulations, participation in the orchestra is, if required, compulsory for students from the first semester onwards.


    Summersemester 2024


    Tuesdays, 18:45 - 21:45 Uhr
    Location: Aula am Aasee, Scharnhorststraße 100, 48151 Münster

    Public concerts

    Sunday, 19.5.24, 15:00 Uhr
    Whitsun concert of the conservatory orchestra
    Program: Antonin Dvořák: "Serenade for Strings in E major, op. 22", "Serenade for Wind Instruments, Violoncello and Double Bass in D minor, op. 44"
    Performers: Chamber ensembles, Marlon Daniel (conductor)
    Venue: Concert hall of the University of Music, Ludgeriplatz 1, 48151 Münster

    Sunday, 23.6.24, 18:00 Uhr
    Summer concert of the conservatory orchestra
    Program: Bedřich Smetana: "Šárka", Richard Strauss: "Brentano Lieder, Op. 68", Ludwig van Beethoven: "Symphony No. 7, A major, Op. 92"
    Performers: MHS orchestra, as guest: Jennifer Forni (solo vocals), Marlon Daniel (conductor)
    Venue: Auditorium H1, Schlossplatz 46, 48143 Münster