10 Jahre Jugendakademie Münster

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Die Jugendakademie Münster – das erfolgreiche Kooperationsprojekt der Westfälischen Schule für Musik und der Musikhochschule - feiert vom 7. – 10. Oktober 2021 ihr 10-jähriges Jubiläum mit drei Konzerten und einer zweitägigen Fachtagung, zu denen alle (angemeldeten) Interessierten herzlich eingeladen sind!

Die Fachtagung am 9. / 10. Oktober steht unter dem Motto „Eltern. Wurzeln geben - Flügel verleihen“. Sie findet im Franz Hitze Haus in Münster statt, der Anmeldeschluss für die Teilnahme ist am 20. August. Die Anmeldemodalitäten für die Konzerte werden kurzfristiger bekanntgegeben, um der dann geltenden Corona-Schutzverordnung gerecht werden zu können.

Alle Programmdetails finden Sie jetzt schon auf unserer Jubiläums-Website, oder im Programmflyer, der hier als PDF zur Verfügung steht und in Musikhochschule und Westfälischer Schule für Musik gedruckt erhältlich ist.

Wir freuen uns auf Eltern, Lehrende, musizierende Kinder und Erwachsene – wir freuen uns auf Sie!

Youth Academy

The Youth Academy of Münster is a joint programme offered by the University of Music and the Westphalian School for Music. Up to 30 places are available for especially gifted children and adolescents in the years prior to university study.

The Youth Academy offers optimal, comprehensive training to musically gifted children and adolescents from around the region. The programme combines the qualities of two institutes which have consistently proven their outstanding competence in promoting exceptionally talented young people.

The successful work of the Youth Academy is exemplified in the career of the young violinist Suyoen Kim, who received training at both institutes, the international prizewinning achievements of the violinist Won Ho Kim and the recorder player Tabea Debus, as well as the distinctions and prizes regularly awarded to the ensembles and soloists of the Youth Academy at the state and federal music competition "Jugend musiziert". 

You can find further biographies of our Young Academics on the homepage of the Westphalian School for Music.

Academic programme

The Youth Academy of Münster offers the following academic package to max. 30 students:

  • up to 90 minutes of individual instruction, normally a 60-min. lesson in one's major subject and a 30-min. lesson in a minor subject
  • instruction in ensemble, chamber music and orchestral performance, as well as singing, physical condition, theory and co-repetition, if necessary
  • group visits to concerts and opera performances, meetings with prominent artists
  • organised and supervised concert performances, participation in competitions and master courses

The University of Music and the Westphalian School for Music jointly recommend which package is suitable for each student based on his/her academic, personal and artistic development. This also includes determining which instructor or pedagogical tandem from the University of Music and School for Music is assigned to provide instruction in the student's major. These considerations are discussed with the parents and the general schools to ensure that the children can grow up in a healthy, "normal", familiar and academic environment where they also have the possibility of cultivating friendships and participating in recreational activities.

In order to specifically focus on musical education, the Youth Academy works together with general schools to ensure that particularly gifted children and adolescents are afforded the time and space they need to devote themselves to their musical practice. This could come as permission to attend a lesson in one's major in the morning (if possible, using the "revolving door" model so that students won't always miss the same subject at school) or permission to take several days off to attend a master course or participate in a competition or concert tour.

Anchored in the region

The success of the Youth Academy depends just as much on the many years of mutual coordination between the University of Music and the Westphalian School for Music, as it does on the excellent cooperation it has cultivated with the music schools around the region.

All families and music schools in the region of Westphalia are invited to contact the Youth Academy with regard to talent promotion – without having to worry about losing especially promising pupils, for they normally remain enrolled at their respective music schools. We make a point of working together with successful instrumental instructors on location and commission them to supervise these students to ensure a more organic, trust-based development.

Youth Academy rules

The rules of interaction at the Youth Academy are very simple and can be found here.

Cost of instruction and financial aid

The cost of attending courses at the Youth Academy is practically the same as the price of a normal hour of instruction at a music school (ca. 99 euros per month). All additional services and extras are funded by the Westphalian School for Music, the University of Music and our sponsors.


Registrations for applications are possible again for the winter semester 2022/23.

The admission exam will take place on Saturday, 18 June 2022.

Here you can find link for the registration. The application deadline is 8 May 2022.

The selection prelude consists of a 10 to 15-minute lecture in the main subject with works from at least two stylistic epochs of your choice. A coach cannot be provided. Consultations for those who have passed the entrance exam will take place on Saturday, August 20, 2022.

Musical contributions

You can view some of the musical contributions of our Young Academics on YouTube.


New success news of our youth academy can be found here, selected success news from earlier years can be found here.


Ms Elisabeth Fürniss [email] at the University of Music is available to answer any questions you have about the Youth Academy. The contract partner at the Westphalian School for Music is Ms Gudula Rosa [email].

Patrons and sponsors

We thank the following patrons and sponsors for their generous support:

• GWK (Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Westfälischen Kulturarbeit e.V.)
• NRW Bank
• Sibylle-Hahne-Stiftung
• Sparkasse Münsterland Ost
• Soroptimist International Club Münster
• Inge Wolf
• Amrei Thränhardt