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Concert examination programme

The concert examination programme offers artistic excellence at the highest level and is targeted exclusively at the most highly qualified artists.

The programme concludes with the certificate "concert examination".

  • Programme goal | Target qualifications

    The concert examination programme leads students to excellence by bringing their technical and artistic skills to perfection. It is offered in 8 academic areas:

    1. Piano
    2. Violin
    3. Viola
    4. Violoncello
    5. Guitar
    6. Flutes
    7. Percussion
    8. Singing (with a focus on opera, concert or opera and concert)

    Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)

    Students acquire masterly artistic and technical skills, the ability to interpret music of different epochs independently, possess a sense of style and creative ability.

  • Programme profile and structure

    The programme builds on a professional degree with artistic qualification, usually a master's degree, which has been completed with outstanding success.

  • Examination regulations

    Examination regulations

  • Aptitude test

    Here you will find information on the aptitude test for the concert examination programme.