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Master of Music - Music and Education

In addition to artistic and educationally oriented bachelor's degree programmes, the Münster University of Music offers the master's degree programme, Music and Education, which concludes with the conferral of a "Master of Music" (M. Mus.).

The master's degree programme allows students to shape their academic path according to their personal preferences and interests.

Students in the artistic-educationally oriented master's degree programme are required to choose an additional qualification.

The programme is targeted at all students who appreciate personal training and supervision from professional instructors and wish to obtain specific qualification in one year of full-time study.

  • Programme goal and target qualifications

    The master's degree programme "Music and Education" offers artistic-educational training in six academic areas

    1. Instrument
    2. Singing
    3. Elementary Music
    4. Keyboards & Music Production
    5. Popular Music (Drum set, Bass, Guitar)
    6. Pop Vocals

    Duration: 1 year (2 semesters)

    During this two-year programme, students acquire in-depth, musical-artistic-educational skills and competence. Students develop an extensive and educationally versatile repertoire, and upon completing the programme, possess excellent instrumental/vocal and/or subject-related competence. Thanks to their broad scope of music-educational knowledge, an enormous degree of music-educational experience coupled with artistic capabilities, graduates are optimally prepared to take up and pursue occupations at a high educational level.

    Students are taught to experience and present music from a creative-practical and systematic-theoretical perspective. The knowledge, skills and methods conveyed and learned in the programme allow graduates to independently take up and pursue their chosen occupation at the highest artistic level.

  • Programme profile, duration and structure

    Students attend three modules each semester and are obliged to choose an additional specialisation.

    The successful completion of the master's degree programme is contingent on completing modules worth a total of 60 credits.

  • Module of Minor Subjects

    The Module of Minor Subjects consists of differentiated educational training in accordance with the diverse educational possibilities of practicing the profession. Students are required to select their module of minor subjects in accordance with their individual career aspirations or personal inclinations. One of the following modules can be selected:

    1. Applied Music Psychology and Physiology
    2. Music in the Elementary Sector
    3. Concert Mediation

    Students expand and deepen their subject-related fundamental abilities acquired in the bachelor's degree programme. They are supplemented by respective Module of Minor Subjects.

    Information on the choice of the module of minor subjects

  • Module plans | Examination regulations

    Examination regulations 2022

    Module plans:
    Instrument, Singing, Elementary Music, Keyboards & Music Production, Popular Music, Pop-Vocals

    Examination regulations

    Examination regulations 2016

    Module plans:
    Elementary Music
    Keyboards & Music Production

    Examination regulations

  • Aptitude test

    Here you will find information on the aptitude test for the master's degree programme "Master of Music - Music and Education".