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Interactions between expanders, groups and operator algebras

7 - 10 June 2021, Münster, Germany

In the last few decades it became apparent that notions of expansion lie at the intersection of numerous topics of research. Passing through ergodic theory, representation theory spectral analysis, this topic draws techniques from fields ranging from geometry to group theory and operator algebras. Such a diverse range of tools and applications is an endless source of inspiration and lively research that continues to this day.

This workshop aims to bring together experts in the field to report on recent progresses and outline a plan for future research. To encourage a productive discussion environment, this event will be restricted to a limited number of participants. Attendance to the workshop is on invitation only.


  • Goulnara Arzhantseva (University of Vienna)
  • Uri Bader (Weizmann Institute of Science)
  • Oren Becker (University of Cambridge)- Slides
  • Cornelia Drutu (Oxford University)- Slides
  • Alexandros Eskenazis (Sorbonne Université)- Slides
  • Maria Paula Gomez Aparicio (Université Paris-Saclay)
  • Amitay Kamber (University of Cambridge)- Slides
  • Ana Khukhro (University of Cambridge) - Slides
  • Masato Mimura (Tohoku University)- Slides
  • Piotr Nowak (IMPAN)- Slides
  • Izhar Oppenheim (Ben-Gurion University)- Slides
  • Mikael de la Salle (ENS Lyon)- Slides
  • Jan Spakula (University of Southampton)- Slides
  • Jeroen Winkel (University of Münster)- Slides


Tim de Laat (WWU Münster), Federico Vigolo (WWU Münster)


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The conference is supported by the Cluster of Excellence Mathematics Münster and by ERC Advanced Grant AMAREC.