New Münster Research Fellow: Menachem Magidor

Menachem Magidor
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We are honoured to welcome Prof. Menachem Magidor (Hebrew University) as a new Münster Research Fellow. He is one of the most prominent set theorists. During his stay at our Cluster until 1 July 2022, he is collaborating with Prof. Dr. Ralf Schindler and other scientists from Mathematics Münster and is contributing to the 5th Münster conference on inner model theory.
Menachem Magidor produced breakthrough results on cardinal arithmetic (the failure of the Singular Cardinal Hypothesis), on forcing axioms (most notably, Martin's Maximum; joint with M. Foreman and S. Shelah), on inner model theory (a dual covering theorem), on various types of ideals and combinatorial principles (partly with M. Foreman and J. Cummings and others), but also in the theory of uncountable abelian groups and generalized logics.

In addition to his work in pure logic and set theory Prof. Magidor made contributions to the applications of logic to computer science. Especially well known is his work , jointly with S. Kraus and D. Lehmann, about non monotonic reasoning and its use in artificial intelligence .The system they developed is known as the KLM system.

Prof. Magidor served in several key positions in the professional community. He was the first non US president of the Association of Symbolic Logic (1996-1998) and the president of the Division of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science and Technology of the International Union of the Philosophy and History of Science and Technology (2017-2021).

In the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Menachem Magidor was the Dean of Science (1992-1996) and the president of the university (1997-2009). He also was involved in several activities in the public arena in Israel, including chairing a national committee on the government structure of Israel .

On 30 June 2022, Menachem Magidor will hold a talk on “Regularity properties of subsets of the real line and other Polish spaces” at the Colloquium Wilhelm Killing (4:30 pm, lecture hall M2).


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