Ada Lovelace Seminar 2022

Azul Fatalini, Judith Lutz, Luisa Meinke (left to right)
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On Friday, 13 March 2022, all members of Mathematics Münster were invited to this year's Ada Lovelace Seminar. As representative of the Cluster's Equal Opportunity Committee, JProf. Dr. Kristin Courtney welcomed the participants and explained the goal of the Ada Lovelace fellowships: attracting and awarding excellent women on the doctoral level. Afterwards the new Ada Lovelace Fellows each presented a "flavour" of their research topics.

  • Azul Fatalini (workgroup Prof. Schindler): Paradoxical sets and the Axiom of Choice The construction of a particular model of ZF was presented, in which there is a paradoxical set (partition of the space in unit circles) but no well-order of the reals.
  • Judith Lutz (workgroup Prof. Deninger): Rational Witt Spaces and their Relation to the Fargues-Fontaine Curve The analogies between function fields and number fields show that a space of $R$-valued points on the spectrum of the integers would be desirable, whereas the normal space of $R$-valued points is to small. Two ways to define new spaces are the Fargues-Fontaine curve, a local concept, and the Rational Witt Spaces, a global notion, and in some special case they are even bijective to each other."
  • Luisa Meinke (workgroup Prof. Hellmann): A locally analytic Breuil-Mézard type multiplicity formula I talked about the relationship between certain $\mathrm{GL}_{n}(\mathbb{Q}_p)$-representations (so-called locally analytic principal series representations) and equivariant coherent sheaves over some space of local Galois-representations (so-called trianguline representations) that shows up in the study of $p$-adic automorphic forms. The explicit relation I am looking for is an injection of Grothendieck groups that satisfies certain desirable constrains.

After the certificates were presented to the fellows, all participants were invited for coffee, tea, cake and chats in the Common Room.

The seminar was organised by Rafaela Gesing, Agnese Mantione and Anastasia Prokudina, the Ada Lovelace Fellows of 2020.

Ada Lovelace Fellowships at Mathematics Münster

Women in Maths Day 2022 at Mathematics Münster

Introduction by Kristin Courtney
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Talk by Azul Fatalini
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Talk by Judith Lutz
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Talk by Luisa Meinke
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