New Münster Research Fellow: Grigor Sargsyan

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We welcome Prof. Dr. Grigor Sargsyan (Mathematics Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences) as a Münster Research Fellow. During his stay at our Cluster from 1 to 31 November 2022 he will collaborate with Prof. Dr. Ralf Schindler, Prof. Dr. Farmer Schlutzenberg and other scientists from Mathematics Münster.

Over the last one and a half decades, Grigor Sargsyan has been one of the leading researchers in the area of analyzing HOD of determinacy models, hod mice, and the core model induction. His recent work includes earthshaking results on the failure of iterability of K^c. An ongoing project with the Ralf Schindler and Farmer Schlutzenberg is the development of the theory of Varsovian models.

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