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The Graduate School of Politics in Münster (GraSP) offers exceptional Ph.D. students from Germany and other countries the chance to complete a doctorate within three years through a structured study program and with excellent care and support service.
Our website provides information on current news and events of the GraSP. It will allow you to get to know the GraSP Münster and provide you with detailed information on the study program, the research groups as well as the application procedure.

Current News:

New enrolments at the GraSP

[03.05.2018] Today, the GraSP board unanimously approved Hanna Grotz as a new member of the Graduate School of Politics. Being supervised by Christiane Frantz, she will be a part of the research group Civil Society. Her research project is titled "Entscheidungsfindung in NGOs – zur politischen Soziologie von Themenanwälten". Congratulations!

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Disputations at the GraSP

[24.02.2018] As the second member of the Graduate School of Politics to complete her promotion in this year, Danielle Gluns successfully defended her dissertation titled "From Planning to Policy - Local Housing Governance for the Growing Cities Vienna and Washington, D. C." in a great disputation. Her supervisors Annette Zimmer (Research Group Civil Society) and Barbara Schönig (Bauhausuniversität Weimar) as well as the Graduate School of Politics deeply congratulate her.

New enrolments at the GraSP

[23.02.2018] In its session from 15 February 2018, the GraSP board unanimously decided to affiliate Ms Dana Siobhan Atzpodien as a new member of the Graduate School. Her research project is titled "Parteienwettbewerb in Deutschland - der Einfluss der AfD auf die Positionen etablierter Parteien in deutschen Landesparlamenten". Being a member of the research group European and International Governance, she is supervised by Prof. Dr. Oliver Treib.

We wish her all the best for her start at the GraSP and for her research project!

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Disputations at the GraSP

[January 30, 2018] Last Friday, Dr . Tim Eichler successfully defended his dissertation titled "Die Polizei auf der Suche nach rationaler Sicherheit. Eine Organisationsanalyse der polizeilichen Präsenz in Großstädten". Hence, he is the first graduate of the GraSP in the new year. As a member of the Research Group Safety, Security & Policing he was supervised by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Frevel as well as Prof. Dr. Klaus Schubert. Congratulations!

Brown Bag Lunch Lecture

[14.11.2017] On November 24, the first Brown Bag Lunch of this semester will be held! Edward S. Cohen from Westminster College, USA, will give a lecture titled "Investor-State Arbitration, Private Power, and Transnational Governance". The lecture will take place at 12 am s.t. in Room 100.301 - everyone is welcome!

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Cancellation of the Late Spring School 2017
[19.05.2017] Due to too less applications for the Late Spring School, we need to cancel both workshops of this Method School. We hope that we can organize a similar School in another time again.

Late Spring School 2017
[01.02.2017] This year beside the Late Summer Method School held in German the Graduate School host as well a Late Spring School of Methods in English. It will take place from 6th to 10th of June. As usually there will be two workshops on different topics. Workshop I will deal with "Panel Data Analysis" and will be held by Marco Giesselmann. In Workshop II Levente Littvay will give the participants an insight into "Multilevel Modeling". More information is available on our webside or in our Flyer.
The Registration is now open. Please register by email to grasp@uni-muenster.de by th 30th of April the latest.

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Disputation at the GraSP
[11.01.2017] The end of the last year we had three disputations at the GraSP. Christina Rentzsch (centre; "Mit dem Rücken zur Wand? Organisationale Handlungspraktiken und ihre Folgen für soziale Nonprofit-Organisationen unter Veränderungsdruck"), Johanna Kuhlmann („The politics of (de-)centralisation – Institutioneller Wandel in der Grundsicherung für Arbeitsuchende“) and Maike Meyer ("Korruption in Kommunalverwaltungen") thereby completed their dissertations.

Publications at the GraSP
[12.12.2016] The GraSP is proud to announce that Mihai Murariu's dissertation "Totality, Charisma, Authority: The Origins and Transformations of Totalist Movements" was published by Springer. You can buy the book here.

"This interdisciplinary endeavour portrays the central features of militant movements which hold totality as an important part of their doctrinal core. Revisiting the importance of modernity, utopianism, eschatology, charisma, psychology and the history of ideas, Mihai Murariu pursues a reconstruction of the historical requirements for the emergence of such movements. Making a central use of the concept of totalism, the work establishes a conceptual bridge from antiquity to the contemporary period, whilst also arguing for the suitability of the term in comparison to totalitarianism or political religion. The author also proposes a distinct taxonomy for structural elements, variants, and development phases which may be encountered in totalist movements."

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Disputation at the GraSP
[14.09.2016] Yesterday Tobias Zimmermann held succesfully his disputation on the topic "Diskussionen im Strukturwandel der Öffentlichkeit 2.0?!". Congratulations!

Late Summer School 2016
[31.05.2016] As well as last year the Graduate School of Politics invites all those who are interessted to the Late Summer School 2016. With two workshops upon the topics of "case studies and process analyses" and "qualitative comparative analysis (QCA)" the Late Summer School will take place from September 19-22. Unfortunately both workshops are in german. But if you are interessted you can find more information on our website or in our flyer (both in german as well).

Den säkularen Staat neu denken. Politik und Religion bei Charles Taylor
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Day of the GraSP
[18.05.2016] The GraSP invites all those who are interested to the day of the GraSP on July 6. All PhD students of the GraSP have the possibility to present their projects in a poster presentation - as well all research groups are invited to present theirselves. Before the presentation the meeting of members of the GraSP will take place.

This is the programme for the day:
2pm: meeting of the members including board elections
3pm: meeting of the research group leaders
4pm: poster presentation on the PhD projects
6pm: IfPol Summer Party

Erfolgreiche Disputationen
[04.05.2016] Congratulation to Sascha Krannich and Stephan Engelkamp for the successful defenses of their doctoral theses last Thursday and this Monday!
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Disputatio of Mihai Murariu
[25.01.2016] Congratulations! Yesterday the disputation of Mihai Murariu took place in the GraSP. He successfully defended his dissertation "Totality, Charisma, Authority. The Origins and Transformations of Totalist Heterodoxies".