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The following documents concernung the GraSP can be downloaded:

Doctoral matters
Date Title Language Documents
GraSP Codex De [PDF]
Annex A of the Codex of the Graduate School of Politics De [PDF]
Blank study contract De [PDF]
Example of a study contract De [PDF]
Example of an expose De [PDF]
2012 PhD regulation of department 6 (non-binding translation) - Only the German language version shall be applicable (published in the Official Record - Promotionsordnung) Eng [PDF]
2019 Dritte Ordnung zur Änderung der Promotionsordnung des Fachberereichs 6 (Extract from the Official Record oft he University of Münster) De [PDF]
2013 Regulations of the Graduate School of Politics (GraSP) (english translation of the “Ordnung der Graduate School of Politics (GraSP)") Eng [PDF]
Study and examination regulations of the GraSP De [PDF]
Upon Arrival Checklist of the WWU International Office Eng [PDF]
Forms for the registration of the doctoral thesis at the examination office De [Link]
Title Language Documents
2016 Annual Report De [PDF]
2015 Annual Report De [PDF]
2014 Annual Report De [PDF]
2013 Annual Report De [PDF]
2012 Career history survey of the GraSp alumni De [PDF]
Workshop Documents
Date Lecturer Title Language Documents
11.2019 Dr. Celeste Brennecka, PhD Key Elements of Scientific Papers Eng [PDF]
27.-28.06.2019 Prof. Kenneth Benoit, PhD Quantitive Text Analysis using R and quanteda Eng [PDF]
16.04.2019 Prof. Dr. Oliver Treib Plagiarism: What is ist and how to avoid it Eng [PDF]
18.07.2018 Prof. Dr. Bernd Schlipphak Peer Reviewed Publications Eng [PDF]
13.11.2012 Prof. Dr. Bernahrd Frevel Academic Careers at Universities of Applied Sciences De [PDF]
13.03.2012 Dr. Matthias Freise Strategic Planning De [PDF]
23.02.2012 Prof.'in Dr. Annette Zimmer Third-Party Funding De [PDF]
24.01.2012 Prof. Dr. Oliver Treib Peer Reviewed Articles Eng [PDF]