The study program at the Graduate School of Politics

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The doctoral studies at the Graduate School of Politics are not comparable with the strict regimented Bachelor and Master studies of the Bologna process. There is usually no compulsion to take part in activities provided by the GraSP, but participation in the various events is of course very welcome. Applicants for a place at the GraSP should keep in mind that the structured doctoral program in Münster requires regular presence at the university.

The actual form of the study program, that contains 60 ECTS points, is individually defined by the students together with their mentors. Generally it involves the participation in colloquiums of their research group and some other individual activities. Typically the students and their mentors agree on some of the following:

•    Participation in a method school (e.g. at the ECPR)
•    Writing of working papers or journal articles
•    Participation in academic conventions (e.g. the DVPW)
•    Conception and realization of own courses
•    Acquisition and training of foreign language skills

Furthermore external scholars are invited on a regular basis within the framework of Brown Bag Lunches. Finally the GraSP offers graduate classes that are especially designed for GraSP doctoral students and refer to theoretical, methodical und social aspects of dissertation projects.