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Currently eight doctoral programs are combined in the Network of Graduate Schools.

Graduate School of Politics
Graduate School Practices of Literature
Graduate School Empirical and Applied Linguistics
Graduate School of Communication Science
Graduate School of Sociology
Graduate School European Classics
Graduate School Religion und Politik
Research Training Group Trust and Communication in a Digitized World

Together with the graduate school of the cluster of excellence "Politics & Religion" and the junior research team of the Emmy-Noether-Programm "Family values in social change" they form the smartNETWORK. Furthermore the GraSP cooperates with the Graduate Center of the University of Münster.
Through intelligent networking, an organizational form and infrastructure with flat hierarchies is created, which is able to link the activities of the graduate schools as well as of the doctoral students and the professors beyond the specialization (accepted by every school) and the (given) boarders of the discipline, to encourage mutual exchange and to consolidate multidisciplinary interests.
Inter and trans-disciplinary cooperation is to develop “bottom up” through direct contact between the doctoral students and not be purported through an overall agenda setting.