Microsoft Office 365


ATTENTION: At the time of de-registration, you will lose access to your OneDrive data including all Office Programms. Make sure that you have downloaded and backed up the data beforehand. We cannot restore access for legal reasons!

Software: Microsoft Office 365 is available to you free of charge after registering via the IT portal, as long as you are an enrolled student or active staff member of the Universität Münster.
Office 365 is a combination of an office web application and a comprehensive software package. The package includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Share Points and OneNote. Included in the license is installation on up to five devices in the latest Office version. Note that Office products are intended for use on business and personal devices. You can view which devices you have licensed Microsoft Office 365 on under "My Account" in the Office 365 portal.

Target Group: students, employees

Terms of use: License for max. 5 end devices

Usage Costs: free of charge

Privacy Policy: Privacy Policy

Registration: IT Portal

Contact: IT-Hotline

  • Notes on the Use of Office 365 for Business Purposes

    Web Apps

    If you use Office 365 programmes as web apps in the browser, business data is stored in OneDrive. However, this is not permitted for all types of business data (e.g. personal data). Therefore, please follow the University Münster's cloud policy when using it.


    If you want to use Office 365 without restrictions for editing your work-related data, install and use the desktop apps. Make sure that you store your data on Universität Münster drives and not in OneDrive. The following programmes are available as desktop apps:

    • Access
    • Excel
    • One Note
    • Outlook
    • Power Point
    • Skype
    • Teams
    • Word
  • Manuals

    Initial Registration for Office 365 (You do not use Office 365 yet).
    Switching Office 365 Licenses (You are already using Office with another licence, e.g. via DrVis).
    Data Backup from an Office 365 license (you have used Office 365 via DrVis and stored data in OneDrive there).

  • FAQ

    What technical requirements do I need to install the Office package?
    Office 365 requires at least Windows 8.1, macOS 10.12, iOS 11, Android 6.0, Windows Phone 10, or a newer version of these operating systems. Office 365 cannot be installed at the same time as other versions of Microsoft Office. At least once a month, your device must be connected to the Internet so that it can automatically check whether your Microsoft Entra-ID is still linked to a valid licence. If your device has no internet access for a longer period of time, the usable functions of the software will be restricted until the next licence confirmation.

    What data is shared with whom when I register with Microsoft Entra?
    When you register for Microsoft Entra, your first and last name, your university ID and the information that you are a student/employee of Münster University will be transferred to Microsoft. If you also use other licenses via Entra, e.g. Adobe CC (with costs, for employees only), this information is also transmitted to Adobe.

    How secure is my data and where is it stored?
    When using the web apps, your data is not stored on servers of Münster University, but exclusively with Microsoft. Further information on Microsoft's data security can be found at https://privacy.microsoft.com/de-DE/privacystatement. For some programmes, desktop apps are available as an alternative to the web apps.

    What happens to my data if I cancel my Microsoft Entra ID or if my university ID expires?
    If your university ID expires (e.g. because you have exmatriculated or your employment contract ends) or you actively cancel your Microsoft Entra ID, your free Office licence will also expire. Your Microsoft user data (Microsoft Entra ID, name, status) will be stored by us and Microsoft for another year. Only after this period has expired will all data be completely and irrevocably deleted. However, you can also remove your data yourself before the deadline in the IT portal under "Licences (software etc.)" and there under "Delete Microsoft Entra data".

    What can I use the Microsoft Entra email address for?
    The Microsoft Entra email address is the same as the Microsoft Entra ID, which is used exclusively to authenticate your Office 365 account.

    What do I do if I have forgotten my Microsoft Entra ID or password?
    You can easily find your Microsoft-Entra-ID in the IT Portal under the menu item "Licenses (Software etc.)". There you are also able to set a new Microsoft Entra password.

    Can I connect another Microsoft account with the free Microsoft account of the university?
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to link the Microsoft account that you have activated via Münster University with another Microsoft account. However, you can store the data created with Office 365 in the cloud storage of a different account.

    Who can I contact if I have questions or problems?
    For technical and content-related questions about the programmes included in Office 365, please contact the Microsoft Office Support directly.

  • Support

    For content-related questions and problems with the programs

    •     Word
    •     Excel
    •     Power Point

    you can contact our software support.

    They can provide more comprehensive support, as we offer training in these areas at the University of Münster.

    For questions and problems regarding the content of the programs

    •     Access  
    •     One Note
    •     Outlook
    •     Skype
    •     Teams

    and all other Office365 programs, please contact Microsoft Office Support directly.


    Use the video conferencing solution ZOOM and the university's own cloud service Sciebo instead of Teams.