Remote Desktop

Service: The remote desktop (rd.wwu.de or remotedesktop.wwu.de) provides access to the most important software and is ideal for using the Print&Pay service from home. The personal network drive U: is also available for secure file storage.

Target Group: students, employees

Usage Costs: free of charge

Contact: Hotline

Note: The "Remote Desktop" service described here is not equivalent to the remote desktop connection to your workstation PC that you need to work in your home office. You can find more information on this subject on our home office information page. If you cannot establish a remote desktop connection to your workstation PC, however, the service described on this page is an option to at least get access to central software programs.

  • Manuals

    Choose an operating system for which you want to set up the remote desktop:

    Windows 8/10
    MacOS X

    Note: Do not save your documents locally on the remote desktop (desktop, drives C: and D:). User profiles and all local data are erased 10 days after the last use.