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On this page you will find a compilation of frequently asked questions about VPN, the personal Remote Desktop and the central Remote Desktop.

You can also find more information and instructions here:

Personal Remote Desktop
Central Remote Desktop

What does ...

  • ... VPN mean?

    VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.

  • ... personal Remote Desktop mean?

    Remote Desktop, often abbreviated RD, stands for access to the personal desktop from a distance (=remote).

  • ... central Remote-Desktop mean?

    The central Remote Desktop (impersonal) is rd.wwu.de-Remote Desktop or remotedesktop.wwu.de-Remote Desktop (in the following we will only speak of central Remote Desktop, as the designations are to be understood as synonymous).

What do I need ...?

  • ... VPN for?

    For legal reasons, you can only use some of University of Münster´s services within the university network (e.g. software, journals, databases), while others cannot be accessed from the internet for security reasons. In order to access these services outside the university, you need a VPN connection.

    It is also necessary to establish a VPN connection to access a remote desktop.

  • ... the personal Remote Desktop for?

    Some employees need access to their work data and programmes on the office computer for work at the flexible workplace. A personal Remote Desktop connection from the mobile device at home to the office PC enables exactly that.

  • ... the central Remote Desktop for?

    Unlike the personal Remote Desktop, the central Remote Desktop provides access to a non-personal desktop with a Windows interface. This allows access to certain software programmes from home, such as the Print&Pay printing service. In addition, the personal network drive can be used via rd.wwu.de-Remote Desktop to store data at University of Münster. The central Remote-Desktop can be used by staff and students.

What can ...?

  • ... VPN do?

    VPN is a network connection to the network of the University of Münster that cannot be viewed by unauthorised persons. A VPN connection works like a closed tunnel in which virtual information exchange takes place between the network at home and that at the university. VPN is used for protected access to information and not to work on a specific device or programme.

  • ... the personal Remote Desktop do?

    The personal Remote Desktop enables access from end devices at home to service devices within University of Münster. This involves accessing an explicit device at the place of work and the information stored there from home. Thus, work is also done from home in the university network, but this work in the university network does not take place through a secured tunnel (see VPN).

  • ... the central Remote Desktop do?

    The central Remote Desktop, for example, provides access to certain software from home by working on a non-personal desktop. Mac users can also use this to work on a Windows interface.

Examples of use for ...

  • ... VPN

    VPN enables access to data that is only available within the university network, e.g.

    •     Literature research
    •     Some services of the ULB

    VPN secures work with official data from home or data exchange.

  • ... the personal Remote Desktop

    Remote Desktop enables work from home on the service device at the workplace and provides access to data and software stored on that particular device.

  • ... the central Remote Desktop

    The central Remote Desktop enables the use of, among others, the following services from home:

    •     Print&Pay print service
    •     the personal network drive (e. g. U:)
    •     SPSS
    •     Citavi
    •     Photoline

    There is NO local storage of files on the desktop possible!

How does CIT provide ...?

  • ... VPN?

    At University of Münster, the Cisco Secure Client (Cisco AnyConnect) is used to establish a VPN connection.

  • ... the personal Remote Desktop?

    The remote desktop is set up by the responsible administrator or the responsible IVV.

  • ... the central Remote Desktop?

    The central remote desktop can be set up independently on the private end device.

What technical requirements do I need for ...?

  • ... VPN?

    VPN has been secured with an OTP (= one-time password) in addition to the network access password since the beginning of 2023. Information about the OTP procedure can be found here: OTP.


  • ... the personal Remote Desktop?

    From 23.03.2023, Remote Desktop will only be usable if a VPN connection to the university network has been established beforehand. This measure serves the security of the university network.

  • ... the central Remote Desktop?

    From 23.03.2023, the central Remote Desktop will only be usable if a VPN connection to the university network has been established beforehand. This measure serves the security of the university network.