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Event Calendar

Service: The event calendar provides a quick and up-to-date overview of the wide range of public events at Münster University. All institutions of the university can enter events into the calendar in order to present them on the respective institution's website. In addition, all events marked as public are integrated into the calendar of the Newsportal. The event calendar was created in cooperation with the Web and Design Department.

Target Group: Institutions of Münster University

Usage Costs: free of charge

Login: Event calendar

Contact: Web and Design Department

  • Manuals

    Events and Dates
    Event Series
    My Calendar

  • FAQ

    How do I gain access to the event calendar so that I can use it to manage events?
    Please contact the Web and Design Department with your request, stating your user ID, your institution and the name of the person responsible (if this is not you).

    How do I integrate the event calendar on the website?
    The integration is done with the Imperia flex module "Event calendar" in the right column/function column. Note: The auto-complete function when entering the institution requires that you start with an entry. After that, the institution can be selected from the dropdown.

    How can I maintain events of multiple institutions?
    You can request access to multiple institution calendars from the Web and Design Department. Once you have been activated for the institutions, you can maintain events from both institutions in the event calendar interface.

    How can I rename my institution in the calendar?
    Please contact the Web and Design Department with your request, stating your current institution and the desire for the change.

    Why don't my pinned events appear directly in the output?
    The new entries are updated every 15 minutes.

    How do my events get into the Newsportal and intranet calendar?
    All events and their associated dates that you have marked as "public" events will be listed in the overall list of events on the Newsportal. Whether your event is also listed in the intranet calendar is decided by the Web and Design Department that maintains this calendar.

    Can I enter events in the Newsportal via the calendar without maintaining my own institution website?
    You can enter events via the event calendar even without having your own institution website. If you mark them as public events, they will automatically be added to the Newsportal. To access the event calendar, please contact the Web and Design Department.

    When are events deleted?
    By default, events are deleted after two years. If you have a different requirement in this regard, please contact the Web and Design Department.

    Is the old event calendar interface still usable?
    The old calendar management can no longer be used to create events so that they appear on the website. However, the user interface of the old calendar is still accessible until the end of 2021. Until then, you can still view all the events you have created there and the data you have entered.