A4/A3 printing (ZIVstandard/ZIVlab) will be discontinued as of 31.08.2022. For more info, please visit our website on the shutdown of Print & Pay cut sheet printing.

Service: Our poster printing service Print&Pay is available at many Münster University locations and also from home via the remote desktop – you just have to register. Business printing is aimed at employees who print on behalf of their institution.

Target Group:
Print&Pay: students, employees (private)
Business Printing: employees

Usage Costs: depending on the print job

Terms & Conditions: T&C

Contact: Hotline

  • Details


    • Print&Pay: Register for Print&Pay via our IT Portal, where you can also manage your printing account.
    • Business Printing: First, you need the approval of your institution's budget officer. Afterwards you can register via the IT Portal. If you are unsure which PSP item to choose for billing, please contact your institution's office. If your PSP item cannot be selected, please write an e-mail with the required information (institute, affected WWU ID, PSP item, cost center) to dienstliches.drucken@uni-muenster.de.

    Using the remote desktop, you can print from anywhere - including home.

    A4 and A3 printouts are sorted by WWU ID and stored in the printout shelf at Einsteinstraße 60. Your prints are marked with your WWU ID on the coloured cover sheet.
    For small printing jobs a self-service printer is available at Einsteinstraße 60, which you can use from the computer labs there. Posters can usually be collected on the next working day. You will find them in the poster boxes opposite the service desk.

    Payment & Prices

    • Print&Pay: Payment for your prints takes place via direct debit.
    • Business Printing: Billing takes place using a PSP item with the associated cost center if applicable.

    Colour pages will be billed separatly. For technical reasons, costs will include an additional blank page in case of an uneven page number. The following prices apply:

    • A4 b/w (80 g) | printer: ZIVstandard, ZIVlab | price per page: 0,04 €
    • A4 b/w (100 g) | printer: ZIVstandard | price per page: 0,05 €
    • A4 colour (80 g) | printer: ZIVstandard, ZIVlab | price per page: 0,05 €
    • A4 colour (100 g) | printer: ZIVstandard | price per page: 0,06 €
    • A3 b/w (100 g) | printer: ZIVstandard | price per page: 0,10 €
    • A3 colour (100 g) | printer: ZIVstandard | price per page: 0,12 €
    • Poster (matte) (120 g) | printer: ZIVposter (roll 1) | price: 5,00 € *
    • Poster (high-gloss) (190 g) | printer: ZIVposter (roll 2) | price: 15,00 € *

    * The indicated prices correspond to DIN-A0 prints and serve as orientation values. Costs are calculated based on the exact size of the print.

  • Manuals

    A4/A3 Prints
    Poster Prints