Multifunction Printers

Service: As an employee, you can print, copy and scan on all multifunction printers. For students, these functions are available on all public devices. You can send scanned documents directly to your e-mail inbox. With Follow-Me-Printing you can send prints and retrieve them from any multifunctional printer when needed.

Target Group: students, employees

Usage Costs: depending on volume and format

Kontakt: Servicekompetenzcenter

  • Login to the Device & Prices


    • Students: only with student card
    • Employees and assistants: WWU ID and copier PIN or deposited mensa card (You can make the corresponding settings in the IT portal under "Print > Print and Scan at Copiers".) Manual Copier PIN (PDF) [de]

    Scans are free of charge, for copies and prints the following prices apply:

    • A4 b/w | price per page: 0,04 €
    • A4 colour | price per page: 0,05 €
    • A3 b/w | price per page: 0,08 €
    • A3 colour | price per page: 0,10 €
  • Copying

    Employees can access the copy function directly on the non-public devices by clicking the "Guest Login" button. The public devices can also be used for official copies after login.

  • Printing

    With Follow-Me-Printing you can send prints and retrieve them from any multifunctional device when needed. To do this you must send your print jobs to the print server \\print.wwu.de\inpas or order your prints via https://wwuinpas.uni-muenster.de. To print the print jobs on the desired multifunction device, tap "PrintHere" after logging in to the device. You will then be shown an overview of your jobs, can select the desired job and make further settings (e.g. black and white or duplex).


    Printing via Cost Center Card
    Employees and assistants can print at the multifunction printers via Login, if their account has been registered to the right PSP-Element in the "Druckkostenapp" of their organization unit. If the print services should be booked to a different PSP-Element, a Cost Center Card could be used. The following steps will show, how it works. Manual: Printing via Cost Center Card (PDF)

  • Scanning

    Send scanned documents directly to your WWU e-mail address. (Scanning to WWU-external addresses ist not possible.)

    Employees can use this function directly on the internal devices via the "Guest Login" button.  Save scans directly to your USB stick / SD card. The USB port /SD slot is located to the left of the control panel.

  • Frequently Asked Questions / Tips and Tricks

    How do I set a PIN?
    To use the multifunction devices you need your WWU ID and your copier PIN. You can set the PIN in the IT Portal under the menu item "Print" (alternatively under "Passwords and PINs"). You also have the option of logging on to the device with your mensa card. To do this, you must register the card in the IT Portal under the menu item "Print". The card is only used for identification purposes, the debit of your cost centre continues as usual.

    To which printer do I have to send the jobs?
    Prints can be sent to the printer Inpas or, in the case of Follow-Me-Printing, to print.wwu.de. The prints can then be called up on any multifunction device after login by clicking on the "PrintHere" button. It is also possible to print directly on non-public copiers. The printer must be set up by the responsible IVV.

    When logging in, the message "User locked" appears. What should I do?
    First make sure that you use the copier PIN to log in and not your WWU password. Check on another device to see if the login works.

    I need a new cost centre card. / The old cost center cards no longer work.
    The old cost centre cards (6 digits) no longer work with the new multifunction devices. Billing now runs via the print cost PSP item that was assigned to the respective organizational unit. After users have logged on to the copier, this item is charged. New cost center cards are now only issued for PSP items that do not belong to the grant budget (1er PSP). Please use your WWU ID and the copier PIN you have set to log in to the device.

    The function "guest login" does not exist.
    The guest login is only available on non-public devices.

    The "PrintHere" button does not exist.
    Please contact the Self Service Portal stating the name of the device.

    How can students make copies on data media without login?
    Students can log in at the public copier only using their student ID. There is also the possibility of print / scan to / from a data carrier.

    How can guests or external people use the multifunction device for business?
    These users can use the public devices only with a cost centre card (Kostenstellenkarte) for business relations. Copies, Scan2USB and Print from USB are the functions which can be used.

    I have several PSP items - how can I choose the right one?
    When you log in, you will be asked which PSP item you want to use. You can change the PSP item in between by clicking on the logout button and changing the billing target.

    My printer does not appear in the list.
    Please contact your IVV. If you work in administration, please contact the Self Service Portal.

    Print jobs are not printed.
    If you select a print job under "PrintHere" and it does not start, please contact the Self Service Portal.

    I want to print several documents, but only one file is accessed.
    This error is known and reported to Ricoh. As soon as an update is available, we will install it on the devices. You can upload the desired file in inpas, specify the number of copies there, and then print them out correctly using the device.

    What storage media and file systems are supported?
    The devices support SD or SDHC memory cards and USB sticks with a maximum storage capacity of 32 GB. SDXC memory cards cannot be used. NTFS, FAT16 and FAT32 can be used as file systems.

  • Information for Persons Responsible for the Devices

    Device Classes

    • IM C3000
    • IM C3500
    • IM C5500

    Manual for Multifunctional Devices (device independent)

    Reporting Malfunctions
    Ricoh's Customer Service Center can be reached by calling 0511 6742-4000. Persons responsible for the devices can also contact Ricoh via the Ricoh eService Portal. Every person responsible for a device must register there once and enter the serial numbers that fall under his responsibility. The registration procedure is described step by step in the Ricoh-Portal Manual (PDF) [de] starting on page 4.

    Ordering Paper
    Paper can be ordered from Ricoh using the following order form [de].

    List of Devices and Responsible Persons
    List of All New Devices (PDF) [de] (as of 22nd March 2021)
    List of all New, Public Devices (for Students) (PDF) [de] (as of 22nd March 2021)