One-time Password (OTP)

Certain services require you to enter a one-time password for security.  To generate one-time passwords, install an OTP generator on your smartphone. Log in to the IT portal with a computer to register the OTP generator there. From now on, you can use the OTP generator to generate one-time passwords to log in.
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Service: An OTP (one-time password) is a password that is generated for authorization and authentication purposes. It serves as an additional security factor to your university password and increases the protection against phishing or hacking attacks. Each OTP is valid for one-time use only and thus cannot be used a second time. To generate such one-time passwords, you need a one-time password generator. The following instructions explain the procedure using the example generator "Authenticator" from Google, which you can install as an app on your smartphone or computer.

If you are already using an OTP service, you can continue to use it. The one-time password generators must be registered in the IT portal before use.

At University Münster, 2-factor authentication with OTP currently affects VPN access via Cisco AnyConnect and the use of VDI.

Target group: students, employees

Cost of use: free of charge

Contact: Hotline

  • What to do if the OTP generator is lost?

    If you lose your OTP generator, e.g. by deleting the app or changing your device, please send us an email to stating your university ID.
    We will then check the best way for you to register a new OTP generator.

    In order to minimize the effort for everyone involved, it is therefore important that you follow our advice on how to prevent the loss of a one-time password generator and register a second generator on a different device.

  • What to do if no OTP generator has been set up yet?

    If you have not yet set up an OTP generator, please first check whether it is possible to use our initial setup wizard at If this does not work, please send us an e-mail to stating your university ID.
    We will then check the best way for you to register a new OTP generator.

  • Precaution against loss of one-time password generator

    URGENT Recommendation: Register two different one-time password generators. Both generators should be accessible on different end devices, e.g., computer and cell phone.
    Then select "One-time password (OTP)" in the IT portal under the settings for two-factor security. This increases security and avoids problems in the event of generator failure/loss.
    It also makes sense to have a cell phone number for the mTAN procedure stored in the IT portal.

  • Instruction: One-time password (OTP)

    Select the operating system under which you want to set up your generator.

    NOTE: All apps used as examples in our guides are free. Please do not follow any prompts that require you to enter payment information.

    ATTENTION: If you are in posession of a smartphone or tablet we suggest to register an OTP-generator on your smartphone or tablet FIRST.

    Android and iOS
    MacOS X

    OTP for impersonal IDs

  • Information on Securing the IT Portal

    From Monday, 28/11/2023, one-time passwords from your one-time password generator will be required to use the IT portal. You will be asked for one-time passwords both when logging in and when changing settings in the IT portal.
    This means that if you do not register an OTP generator and do not activate two-factor security, you will no longer be able to log in to the IT portal!

    Two steps are required to activate two-factor security using OTP in the IT portal:

    Step 1: Setting up a second factor

    •     If you have already set up a one-time password (OTP) generator for VPN or other services, this is your second factor. You can proceed directly to step 2.
    •     If not, please set up one (or better several) one-time password generators. You can find detailed instructions on how to do this on this page.

    Step 2: Activate two-factor security
    To protect security-relevant settings in the IT portal with a second factor, you also need to activate the corresponding setting:
    •     In the IT portal under "Passwords and PINs" you will find the setting item "Two-factor security".
    •     Please select the setting "One-time password (OTP; only if not logged in using a digital ID (certificate)) - recommended".
    •     Click on "Next".
    •     Enter your university password on the next page for confirmation.
    •     Also enter a one-time password (OTP), which is generated with the one-time password generator.
    •     Click on "Enter changes now".
    •     Make sure that the green success message appears on the next page.
    Once you have completed these steps, you will still be able to log in to the IT portal without any problems and will be prepared for further upcoming measures to protect our systems.

  • Frequently asked questions about One-time password (OTP)

    A compilation of frequently asked questions about OTP can be found here: FaQ OTP