Understanding Unconcious Bias

Target group: interested employees

This course provides a non-judgmental approach aimed at understanding how unconscious bias operates in the workplace. You will find out what unconscious bias is (and is not) and learn how it can undermine organisational goals and strategies.

The course will offer you the opportunity to increase self-awareness, learn new information and get up to speed with the latest research. It will explain how we can overcome our unconscious biases to improve decision making and professional relationships, and to create more open, inclusive, and effective organisations. Using examples and interactive exercises, the course takes a straightforward look at one of the most important current issues in diversity management.

Course content:

  • Definition of Unconscious Bias
  • Natural biases that appear at work
  • Creating a more positive approach to difference
  • The Benefits of diversity

Methods: theoretical input, group discussions and group work

Trainer: Simon Bernardino, Business Learning Solutions, London

This course will be held in English. // Diese Veranstaltung findet in englischer Sprache statt.