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Awareness is a synonym for mindfullness, sensibility and consciousness.

We, the Mathematics and Computer Science Student Council, want to create an inclusive and non-discriminatory space at our events: The aim is an atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable. We appeal to each and every one of you to uphold values such as respect, understanding, consideration and tolerance towards your fellow human beings and to stand up for them.

Nevertheless, we are also aware that this is an ideal situation and that unpleasant situations can always occur at any event. You are welcome to contact us in such situations.

When can you contact us?

You or another person...

  • needs support
  • feels uncomfortable, oppressed or harassed
  • needs someone to talk to
  • is pressured into drinking alcohol
  • is involved in unpleasant conversations or stared at
  • hears hurtful conversations

In these or other stressful, problematic odr boundary-breaking situations, we are there for you and offer a safe and inclusive space to support you in the best possible way. Depending on the situation, we will be there for you or get external help, or direct you to the best point of contact. We always act in consultation with you and do nothing without your consent!

How can you reach us?

  • At events
    • Contact the people with the blue vests
    • There is also an awareness telephone number for the student council +49 163 1280586, to which you can also send textmessages via SMS, WhatsApp or Signal
    • During normal university operations

Do you have a question for the awareness team?

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