Practice-related competencies in the master's program AKOEM


In Module 8 "Career Orientation", students acquire practice-related competencies in an individualized way:

Internships e.g. at a museum, an excavation, a publishing house, a research institute, a library, ...

The Archaeological Museum regularly offers practical seminars.

Each year there is a Numismatic Fall School, sometimes also a Papyrological School and a Spring School "Manuscript Cultures".

In Module 9, "Research Orientation and Project Management", skills in project management and proposal writing are acquired and tested. Currently, we are also focusing on science communication.

Participation in national and international conferences can be integrated into many modules.


Career tip of the month

Career tip of the month: Higher archives service NRW

At this point, we draw attention each month to a website or institution that provides valuable career guidance for students in our Master's program "Ancient Cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean (AKOEM)".

May 2024: Higher archives service NRW
Archivists control the formation of records; they are responsible for the indexing, permanent preservation, use and provision of analog and digital records. They promote research and understanding of history through historical education and public relations work. The training of junior staff for the archives is a special concern of the Landesarchiv NRW. Therefore, it offers, among other things, the traineeship for the archives service of the career group 2 (formerly higher archives service) for university graduates.

April 2024: LWL Archaeology for Westphalia
The Landschaftsverband Westfalen Lippe (LWL) offers archaeologists a diverse field of work here on site: discovering, excavating, researching, documenting, protecting and preserving, as well as communicating the latest findings in museums, publications and at a wide variety of events.

March 2024: Safir - Research Funding Support at Münster University
If you are thinking about staying in academia after your Master's degree, you should know about safir. Safir is the research funding advisory service at the University of Münster. The team supports you in your search for funding opportunities, advises you on funding formats and assists you in preparing and optimizing your application. It answers questions such as: What options are there for funding doctoral projects? How does the University of Münster fund student research projects?

February 2024: Career Service of the University of Münster
In our student advisory service, we notice that students often don't think about career guidance until the end of their studies. However, this already starts at the beginning of the (Master's) degree program. We would therefore strongly advise you to take a look at the offers of the Career Service of the University of Münster from time to time and take advantage of one or two of them.

January 2024: German Archaeological Institute (DAI)
With around 350 employees at 20 locations, the DAI is the world's largest research institute in the field of archaeology. It promotes young researchers at various stages of their careers. The DAI offers career opportunities in the fields of science and research infrastructure. There are opportunities to work on an excavation or as part of a research project, scholarships and courses for further training.

December 2023: German Research Foundation (DFG)
The German Research Foundation (DFG) is an interdisciplinary institution for the promotion of science and research in Germany. The DFG currently has a funding budget of almost four billion euros, which is used to support more than 30,000 projects. Two thirds of the funding budget is taxpayers' money, two thirds of which is provided by the federal government and one third by the federal states. The DFG also pays particular attention to funding researchers in the early stages of their careers.

November 2023: Information Service FIT
The information service "Research, International Affairs, Transfer" (FIT) was launched at the University of Kassel in 2003. Since then, a large network of participating universities and research institutions has formed, which benefit from a regular newsletter and a database of current funding information. The University of Münster is also part of this network. A one-time registration with the university e-mail is required for the subscription.

October 2023: Max Weber Stiftung (Max Weber Foundation)
The Max Weber Foundation (MWS) currently gathers under its umbrella eleven institutes with about 300 employees at locations in Beirut, Istanbul, London, Moscow, New Delhi, Paris, Rome, Tokyo, Warsaw, and Washington, D.C. These autonomously operating institutes are widely known and renowned as the "German Historical Institute" and the "Oriental Institute". The MWS offers a wide range of support opportunities for young academics: in addition to temporary and permanent positions, various fellowship programs, internships, and forms of academic exchange such as summer schools and seminars are offered.

September 2023: is a joint portal of Wissenschaft im Dialog (WiD) with the National Institute for Science Communication (NaWik) and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). The portal is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Klaus Tschira Foundation. The field of external science communication is developing very dynamically and professionalizing rapidly. The portal presents current developments and tools and offers information on jobs, training courses and awards in the "Working environment" section.

August 2023: Blue Book Traineeship at the EU
Twice a year, the EU Commission offers five-month paid traineeships. These places are highly coveted, with around 800 applicants for every 40 places for Germans. But you should not be deterred by these numbers. It is important to explain very well in the letter of motivation why you are suitable for the internship. On the basis of the application documents, a decision is made as to whether you will be included in the Blue Book, the database of potential trainees. In the next step, the individual agencies select their trainees from this Blue Book. Afterwards, you are informed whether you have been accepted for a traineeship or not. Some also conduct additional interviews.

July 2023: Platform "academics"
Application, job descriptions, doctorate, salary, further education - on the platform "academics" you will find everything important about your career in the humanities as well as current job offers that suit you. In addition to tips for career starters, tips for a doctorate and an academic career in the humanities are included here.

June 2023: Platform H-Soz-Kult
H-Soz-Kult is a moderated information and communication platform and publishes academic news on the Internet. Job advertisements form one of the largest sections on H-Soz-Kult. Job offers for historians are listed there. Primarily, offers at scientific institutions of research and educational work are published, but also job advertisements of employers of the scientific infrastructure find their place here.

May 2023: Archaeologist at an excavation company
In Germany, the expert advice and support of monument owners, developers, investors, municipalities and authorities as well as the expert assessment of planned projects on monuments is provided by the State Offices for Monument Preservation. In addition, there is the steadily growing field of private excavation companies, in which permanent positions are offered in addition to numerous temporary ones.

April 2023: Diplomat at the Federal Foreign Office
The versatility and breadth of tasks at the Federal Foreign Office continues to be attractive and interesting. The Federal Foreign Office regularly finds itself among the most popular employers in Germany in surveys of applicants. With a Master's degree, you can apply for the Higher Service.

March 2023: German Museums Association
The German Museums Association (DMB) is a nationwide interest group for museums in Germany. It advocates for the creation and preservation of the basic requirements of museums in terms of content, personnel and finances. It advises on museum-related issues and prepares position papers on current topics, develops and coordinates projects with an exemplary or sustainable character. On the website, under the "Careers" tab, there are tips on training and further education as well as a job portal.

February 2023: "Bread Scholars" platform
The platform "Brotgelehrte" by Mareike Menne, who also wrote the guidebook "Berufe für Historiker" ("Careers for Historians"), offers practical and thoughtful information on the topic of "employability" of humanities scholars. A weekly newsletter can be subscribed to, which also contains job offers and event information.

January 2023: Working in the foundation sector
More than 23,000 legally capable foundations under civil law exist in Germany. In addition, there are foundations with other legal forms. More than half of them deal with the topic of "society", about a third can be attributed to "art and culture", and a quarter to "science". These are precisely the areas in which our AKOEM graduates are active. Nevertheless, jobs in foundations are few and far between. A mix of qualifications, motivation, experience as well as networking is essential to land one of the foundation jobs. A few tips on how to make it work can be found here.

December 2022: INTERAMT
This month, we highlight a career portal that was recognized again in 2022 by Focus Business. INTERAMT is the largest job portal for the public sector in Germany, with around 60,000 job offers each year. The name stands for the exchange between authorities and offices. It also offers companies a recruiting tool designed to appeal to the young target group in particular.

Career orientation
information portal for career orientation
© Career Service Uni MS

Information portal of the university of Münster for career orientation

In many fields of study, a clear career perspective does not arise "by itself". Personal orientation and profile building are necessary here. But how does career orientation actually "work"? And what expectations do students have of the profession? These are some of the questions addressed in this information portal.


UNIKAPMS - The career portal

The central career portal "UNIKAPMS" can be used by students and graduates of the Master's program "Ancient Cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean (AKOEM)" to find jobs and internships. In addition, you can post your own profile and thus be found by interested employers.

Career service
© Uni MS I Career Service

Career Service of the University of Münster

  • Career counseling offered by specially trained career counselors
  • Information offer for career orientation and self-research
  • Events for career orientation

History And Profession
© Uni MS_Krul

Interface "History and Profession”

This facility provides career guidance support for students of historical disciplines.
Offered are:
Career-oriented internships - Career orientation events for historians - Practice projects - Writing lab - Career orientation blog.
In addition, there are regular office hours for career counseling by an advisor for academic professions and career orientation of the employment agency.

Theology and Career
© Uni MS_Netzwerk Theologie&Beruf

Network Office "Theology and Career”

The network office sees itself as an active interface between university theology and potential employers.
With a variety of offers and events, it contributes to a differentiated career orientation in the field of theology, addresses questions of the social relevance of theology and offers theology students the opportunity to get to know different places of theological practice already during their studies.
Thus, it is certainly interesting for AKOEM students to visit it as well.

© Uni MS

Network "Employability”

In the network group "Employability", currently about 70 interested teachers and study program managers at University of Münster regularly exchange ideas on how career orientation and employability can be implemented in a way that is appropriate for the university and the subject. In short workshops, members work on topics such as involving alumni, dealing with employers, strengthening practical phases, career orientation in smaller humanities subjects, or dealing with students' expectations of employability.
Dr. Nikola Moustakis represents the GKM with the master's program AKOEM in this network.

Federal Employement Agency
© Bundesagentur für Arbeit

Federal Employment Agency Location Ahlen-Münster

The world is constantly changing. Dealing with changes in all areas of life requires all generations to engage in lifelong learning. This applies in particular to the world of work in general and to young professionals in particular. To ensure that people know what opportunities and possibilities are open to them in the training and labor market, there is a nationwide lifelong career counseling service in Germany.

At its Münster location, the Employment Agency offers study and career counseling specifically for academic professions.