Competences in the master program AKOEM

In the Master's program "Ancient Cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean (AKOEM)", students acquire in-depth historical, philological, exegetical, religious-historical and archaeological knowledge of the ancient eastern Mediterranean region as well as the methods of the ancient sciences concerned with this cultural region.

Graduates are able to familiarize themselves independently with complicated, previously unfamiliar subject matter and to place historically significant developments in a broader cultural, social and intellectual-historical context and to critically assess the scope and time-bound nature of interpretations.

Analysis, presentation and communication skills are acquired at a high academic level in this course of study. In addition, there is a pronounced intercultural competence.
Knowledge of at least one ancient language in concentration B; knowledge of at least two ancient languages in module A.

Graduates are well prepared for an academic career and are qualified for professions in the field of cultural mediation.