Welcome to the Centre of Eastern Mediterranean History and Cultre

The Centre for Eastern Mediterranean Studies (GKM) is a research and study network of all four institutes and seminars which research antiquity at the University of Münster. It was founded in 2003.

The GKM offers a platform to initiate as well as interconnect new study groups and research projects at the University interdisciplinarily with other departments and reserach associations on a national and even international level with non-university research institutions.

Key aspects of the Centre are providing funds for junior scientific staff and upholding active research communication.

Students of our master’s degree program Ancient Cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean [de] received multiple stipends via the program ProTalent and awards for their excellent research.

We include our junior staff in our research: they do more than support professors with the preparations and conduct of conferences and workshops, as they design proper concepts independently and implement them, too.

Students enrolled in the master’s degree ‘Ancient Cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean‘ won the student prize for the international young scholars' conference: Canonisation and Formation of Identities in times of change during Antiquity. Courses about grant writings and project as well as time management accompany this project.

Since April 2022, the podcast "Neues aus der Alten Welt"  [DE] has been produced by our students as part of project events.

The Centre partakes in the ‘Employability‘ project, created by the Career Service of the University; it suggests subject-specific career guidance to students.

The Museum of Archeology [de] cooperates with many schools. There are regular school events within the museum’s halls and pupil interns participate in their team work. The team of the Museum of Archeology works regularily with the Q-Uni (university events for kids).

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