Museums of the University of Münster and in its Vicinity

The University and the city maintain museums in its surroundings, which are highly recommendable for aficionados of antiquity.

Dome Chamber

Dome Chamber of the St. Paulus-Dom

Museum and treasury permanently closed. New concept underway.
  Dome Chamber [de]

Museum of Lacquer Art

Windthorststraße 26
48143 Münster | Deutschland 
Phone +49251.41851-0


LWL-Museum for Archeology Herne

Over 10,000 findings reveal human history of the region

Europaplatz 1
44623 Herne
Phone +49 2323 94628-0 or -24
Fax +49 2323 94628-33


LWL-Römermuseum Haltern am See

Discover the world of the Romans

Weseler Straße 100
45721 Haltern am See
Phone +49 2364 9376-0

© Axel Thuenker

Archeological Park and RömerMuseum Xanten

Germany‘s biggest archaeological open-air museum invites you to an inspiring trip into history.
In the LVR-Archaeological Park Xanten, you can tour the former Roman city Colonia Ulpia Traiana. It offers invaluable insights into modern archeology. Within the scope of digs, building research and restaurations, scientific experts from the entire spectrum of archeological research work in Xanten. Year-round digs and pedagogicial events complement and nourish acumen for Roman history.

Service and Info:
Archeological Park Xanten

© Ikonen-Museum Recklinghausen

Icon Museum Recklinghausen

The Icon Museum Recklinghausen is the leading museum in the world for Eastern Ecclesiastical art outside of orthodox countries. More than 3,500 icons, gold works, miniatures, wood and metal works from Russia, Greece and the Balkan countries offer a comprehensive overview about the manifold subjects and the stylistic development of the Icon Painting and the applied art in the Christian East. Its stellar quality collection of icons consists of works from the 13th until the beginning of the 20th century.

Ikonen-Museum Recklinghausen, Kirchplatz 2a