A selection from the topics of our final theses

John DIK: The Relationship to Judaism in Sermons and Letters of Augustine (2018)

Christopher DÜES: The impact of late Roman influences in the material culture of Vendelian ceremonial tombs (2021/22)

Michaela ECKARDT: The Bull Cult on Cyprus from the Bronze Age to the Beginning of the Archaic Period (2011/12)

Tim EGGERT: The cremation burial in Greco-Roman Egypt. An investigation of their continuity using the example of Alexandria (2019)

Marcel FRIESEN: (Re)-constructions of the People of God in the 2nd Book of Baruch (2018)

Irene GEISLER: She was useful to the end - The wet-nurse system in ancient Greece (2013)

Christian GERS-UPHAUS: Pagan Monotheism on the Basis of the θεὸς ὕψιστος- and εἷς θεός-Inscriptions (2015, published in Jahrbuch für Antike und Christentum 2017)

Christina HANZEN: The Charonian steps, a way out of the underworld? (2015/16)

Christoph HESSE: Mors quotuplex - The iatromathematical classification of modes of death in the Tetrabiblos of Ptolemy (2017)

Ludger HIEPEL: Ex Ugarite Lux - 50 years of Ugarit research in Münster (2014)

Martin LÜSTRAETEN: On the Byzantinization and Arabization of the Melkite Liturgy (2011)

Christina MEIER: A Hermeneutical Comparison of Selected Rabbinic and Patristic Exegetical Testimonies on Job (2013)

Ulrike RÜBESAM: Asia Minor Fora of the Roman Colonies (2011)

Sofia SALO: Neo-Assyrian Concepts of Religion and their Reception in Jerusalem Temple Theology (2013)

Jacquline SCHAU: Schenute as defender of the "true" Christian faith - A consideration of his relationship to Origen on the example of the bodily resurrection (2018)

Jessica SCHELLIG: The Coin Images of the Artaxiads. An iconographic analysis of political and intercultural communication (2022)

Lisa SCHWENN: On the origin of the Hystera motif on Middle Byzantine amulets (2022)

Andrea SPANS: Who is the Messiah? Isaiah 61 in the Massoretic Text and the Septuagint (2010)

Eva-Maria TAPHORN: Interpretation of the Pericope of the Cursing of the Fig Tree in Ephraem's Commentary on the Diatessaron (2015; awarded the Armin Schmitt Prize 2016)

Maria THEOTIKOU: The Question of the Influence of Greek Education and Upbringing in Christian Church Fathers on the Example of Eusebios of Caesarea (2021)

Katharina VOSS: Identity Formation in Urban Space in the 4th Century AD (2020)