Funding opportunities for international students

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Basically, international students as well as German students are themselves responsible for financing their studies. However, students who have excellent results in their studies or a particularly outstanding social or intercultural commitment can apply for scholarships. For example, there are the Pro-Talent scholarship of the WWU, scholarships from companies, from foundations and from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).  Get informed about scholarships in time! [en]

If during your studies you unexpectedly get into a situation in which you urgently need financial support, you can get help through the Matching Funds scholarship. Students in financial need shortly before the end of their studies can apply for a graduation scholarship.

Both Matching Funds and graduation scholarships are granted by Die Brücke/International Centre of Münster University. For more information, see below!

Matching Funds scholarship

The Matching Funds Scholarship is a short-term scholarship for international students (in Bachelor or Master degree courses) of Münster University who are in immediate financial trouble. The scholarship is granted in cooperation with external partners.

Who can receive the scholarship?
International degree seeking students (usually from the 3rd semester on) who are enrolled at WWU and who have fallen into financial distress due to urgent personal circumstances. Guest and exchange students can not be supported.

What does the scholarship include?
The amount of the scholarship depends on the available funds and your individual situation. The scholarship is usually granted for 1-3 months.

What should I do to get the scholarship?
Please make an appointment with Verena Stenzel at Die Brücke/International Centre or come to the open consultation hours on Thursdays from 11 am to 1 pm.

Verena Stenzel
Die Brücke/International Centre of Münster University
Wilmergasse 2
48149 Münster
Room 104
Tel. 0251 83 21879

Please bring the following documents to the consultation:

- copy of your matriculation certificate
- copy of your residence permit
- copy of an overview of your performance in your studies
- copy of your bank statements for the last 3 months

During the consultation, you will receive further information on the next steps.

Graduation scholarship

Next announcement for graduation scholarships for international students of Münster University (WWU):  presumably in the second half of the year 2019.

Meanwhile, international students shortly before the end of their studies who are in urgent financial need may apply for the Matching Funds scholarship.