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Angela Loew


Angela is the administrator to the Junior Professor of TEFL. Before training as an industrial clerk in Lower Saxony, she attended the German School in Valencia for several years.
After a year abroad in Australia, she came to the Münsterland and worked for a short time in the central purchasing department at Münster University Hospital UKM before spending another year abroad in Honduras. Back in Münster, she worked in the pharmaceutical industry in an American company until she came to Münster University after parental leave. Before joining the TEFL team in 2023, she worked as a secretary at the faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.
She is mainly responsible for the general administrative tasks, for controlling the budgetary resources, travel expense reports and managing human resource matters as well as organizing conferences with the TEFL team.
She also supports the Head of Department in general administrative matters.


Englisches Seminar
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