Study visa

When you receive your acceptance letter to a non-European host university, you will also receive an official invitation to study in the host country. With this invitation in hand and other country-specific documents (e.g. proof of financial resources for the entire duration of your visit abroad, proof of valid health insurance cover, health certificate etc.), you must then apply for a study visa at the host country's embassy in Germany.

Please note that visa processing can take six to eight weeks, so be sure to apply early enough. The visa application process for study visas to the United States is especially extensive and time-consuming. Therefore, US-bound exchange students should apply for a study visa as soon as they receive the acceptance letter from their host university.

We also recommend obtaining information about general entry and exit regulations for foreign nationals. Some countries, for example, allow foreign students to remain in the country for only a limited period of time after their study visa expires.
More information on immigration, security and immunisation regulations [de]