Chinese and Indian summer schools and scholarships for students and doctoral candidates

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    Summer Schools

    Summer schools in China and India for all disciplines in 2020

    Application deadline for China: 1 April 2020
    Application deadline for India: 29 February 2020

    Students and doctoral candidates of the University of Münster (all disciplines) may apply to participate in the "Chinese Language" summer school in Shanghai or the "Social Inequality Beyond Europe – Education and Social Stratification in India" summer school in Pune.

    WWU contact:
    International Office
    Martina Hofer

    As a member of the China-NRW University Alliance, the University of Münster can offer its students and doctoral candidates of all disciplines the chance to participate in the following programmes:

    Summer school in Shanghai, China at the renowned Tongji University (2020) 

    "Cologne Summer School: Chinese Language"
    More information about the course

    Date and duration:
    2 to 22 August 2020

    Course content:

    Intensive language course "Chinese for Beginners" (no prior knowledge necessary)

    Afternoons and weekends:
    Visits to local companies (BMW, Siemens), instruction in Chinese culture and history, excursions

    • air travel and visa fees
    • inexpensive accommodation (20 days, ca. 500 euros)
    • course fee ca. 3,500 yuan (ca. 500 euros)
    Candidates may be eligible for PROMOS funding (specialist courses). The academic achievement can also be recognised in Münster in consultation with the Examinations Office.

    Summer school in Pune, India (2020)

    "Social Inequality Beyond Europe - Education and Social Stratification in India"
    More information about the course

    Date and duration:
    21 September to 2 October 2020

    Course content:

    This summer school focuses on educational inequalities, e.g. by caste, religion, gender or regional disparities, and social stratification in India. We will discuss the education system and the provision of education in schools, in vocational education and training and in universities, and then focus on different social dimensions of inequalities in education and how they relate to social stratification in Indian society.

    Excursions, cultural programme

    Course location:
    Pune, India

    • Air travel and visa fees
    • Accommodation expenses (courses, room and board, excursions) cost around 850 euros (exact amount will be announced shortly).
    Candidates may be eligible for PROMOS funding (specialist courses). The academic achievement can also be recognised in Münster in consultation with the Examinations Office.

    Number of participants:
    15 students from Germany
    5 students from Symbiosis International University, Pune



    Shanghai, China: 1 April 2020
    Pune, India: 29 February 2020

    Application form China: [en]
    Application form Inda: [en]

    Please submit the following documents:

    • CV with information about your academic background (in English, max. 1 page DIN A4)
    • Letter of motivation (in English, max. 1 page DIN A4)
    • Certificate of enrolment

    Please note that you must be adequately insured and vaccinated in order to participate in these programmes!

    A copy of your application has to be sent via mail to:

    International Office
    Martina Hofer
    Tel: +49 251 83-24744

  • Scholarships

    Government scholarships offered by the People's Republic of China for study and doctoral visits in China

    Are you interested in studying or doing doctoral work in China? 

    As a member of the China-NRW University Alliance, the University of Münster can offer its students and doctoral candidates of all disciplines the chance to apply for a government scholarship from the People's Republic of China to finance a study or doctoral visit in China in 2020/2021. The scholarships are provided by the Chinese Ministry of Education through the China Scholarship Council (CSC). The China-NRW University Alliance acts as an intermediary between the applicants and the CSC. The application deadline is 14 February 2020.

    WWU contact:
    International Office
    Martina Hofer

    • Target group

      Primarily master's and doctoral students, but also bachelor's students who received excellent marks in the previous academic year

    • Scholarship benefits

      • monthly allowance to cover the cost of living, 2,500 RMB for bachelor's students, 3,000 RMB for master's students and 3,500 RMB for doctoral candidates
      • free accommodation in a student hall of residence
      • exemption from all tuition and enrolment fees, costs of laboratory and basic teaching materials
      • basic health and accident insurance cover (additional insurance recommended)
      • the above rates might change
      • Source, more information and FAQs:
    • Please note

      • This scholarship does not cover the cost of international airfare, visa fees etc.
      • Not all universities/degree programmes are eligible for funding. Applicants who are interested in English-language degree programmes should inquire at the Chinese university in advance whether their desired degree programme is covered by the CSC. If the cost of tuition exceeds the maximum amount provided for tuition by the CSC, scholarship recipients may be allowed to pay the difference so that they can still enrol in their desired degree programme.
    • Possible study visits

      WS 2020/2021 Sep 2020 – Jan 2021
      WS 2020/2021 + SS 2021 Sep 2020 – July 2021
      SS 2021 Feb 2021 – July 2021

    • Application documents in order of submission

      With the exception of document 1, applicants must submit one original (or authenticated copy) and one plain copy. All documents must be in English. If your original is in a different language, please include an authenticated translation of the same.

      1. CSC online application form (please register, log in, download, sign form and attach a passport photo):
        Enter "2802" in the field marked "Agency-No.". If you encounter problems, please consult the instructions for completing the online form.
      2. CV in tabular form (dated and signed)
      3. Application letter (i.e. letter of motivation outlining your study or research plans)
      4. Certificate of highest academic qualification. For bachelor's students, this would be your Abitur certificate.
      5. Current certificate of enrolment
      6. Transcript of your current degree programme
      7. Two letters of recommendation/assessments from your professors
      8. Strongly recommended: Letter of acceptance/invitation from a Chinese university
      9. Certificate of an HSK examination, if available
      10. Copy of a health certificate for study visits longer than six months

        In this case, the applicant may retain the original. The health certificate is only valid for six months and therefore should not be submitted with your application (but must be uploaded in accordance with No. 1).

        The health certificate must be completed and signed by a doctor or hospital and marked with an official seal. Chinese officials will ask you for a copy of your health certificate when you apply for a study visa, and therefore, you must take the original with you to China.

    • Application deadline

      Because there have been some misunderstandings in the past, we would like to reiterate that we require two versions of all application documents: one original and one plain copy.

      You must submit all application documents (exclusively in English) to the University of Cologne by 14 February 2020. We recommend phoning the coordination office in advance to clarify any problems prior to submitting your application.

    • Contact

      Pawel Gawronski
      Tel: +49 221 470-1343

      Postal address:
      Universität zu Koeln
      Abteilung 92 Internationale Studierende
      z. H. Pawel Gawronski
      50923 Koeln

      ...and for information purposes, please contact the International Office of the University of Münster, Martina Hofer (+49 251 83-24744),

      For more information, please visit [de]