Master's programmes (non-teaching)

  • First-semester enrolment

    Study places in master's degree programmes are allocated according to various criteria which are defined in the admission regulations of the respective master's programme. Those wishing to apply to master's degree programmes in music (Master of Music, MM) first need to pass an aptitude test.
    Online application for aptitude tests in music [de]

    For most master's programmes, the Student Admissions Office conducts a formal preliminary review of your application before forwarding it to the selection committee in the respective faculty. The committee then evaluates your aptitude and assigns you a rank in a list of suitable candidates. Provided you meet the requirements for admission to the programme, you will be sent a letter of admission.

    If you are eligible for admission but are not admitted due to a low ranking, you will receive notification by email that you should register for a possible succession procedure (Nachrückverfahren). Once you have registered for this procedure via the Info Portal, you will be able to view your current position on the waiting list. Should study places become available in the programme, the top-placed candidates on the waiting list would be granted admission.

    If your academic aptitude cannot be assessed by the selection committee, your application will be rejected. In this case, you may not participate in a possible succession procedure.

  • Higher-semester enrolment

    Should study places become available, the selection committee in the respective faculty will assess your academic aptitude following a preliminary review of your application by the Student Admissions Office. If the selection committee accepts your application, you will receive a letter of admission.

    Rejection letters are not issued to candidates who apply for enrolment at a higher semester.