International curriculum

Münster University is becoming more international. Something that has been a matter of course for a long time now in the academic world can now be seen more and more in the field of teaching, where the number of English-language programmes – and, as a result, the number of international students – is growing all the time.

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English degree programmes

The University of Münster offers a wide range of English-language master's programmes which are conducted entirely in English.

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Double degrees/Transnational Education Programmes

Münster University does not have tight restrictions, and it is possible to obtain a double degree here. In doing so, you study here and at an international partner university, finishing with a diploma from both universities. In addition, there are many transnational education programmes.

Exchange programmes

Every year around 1,300 Münster students make use of the Erasmus Programme and of other exchange opportunities. According to the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), Münster is one of the top three universities in Germany which send students abroad.

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Structured doctoral programmes

The University of Münster offers junior researchers and academics numerous opportunities to earn doctoral degrees in research training groups and other PhD programmes.