Research focus "Nanosciences"

The nanosciences have gained internationally visibly and become a leading research focus at the University of Münster over the past twenty years. Thanks to its transdisciplinary character, the coordinated research between the faculties of physics, chemistry, biology and medicine has significantly influenced the research topics and raised them to a new level of quality.

The most important collaborative projects between the faculties of physics and chemistry are devoted to investigating the self-organisation of molecular systems and chemical surface reactions, with which researchers can create a series of new polymeric structures which cannot be rendered using the classical liquid- and gas-phase methods. In the area of physics, researchers are defining the ambient conditions and microscopy methods which will allow them to quantitatively analyse single chemical bonds. These collaborations between physics and chemistry researchers represent the central activities of two collaborative research centres (TRR 61 and CRC 858).

The research activities in the area of the nanosciences rely on the strong research infrastructure at the University of Münster, in particular the Center for Nanotechnology (CeNTech) und the Center for Soft Nanoscience (SoN). These institutes contain high-tech, large-scale equipment and clean-room facilities, making them the central anchor points of interdisciplinary research in nanotechnology.

Faculty of Physics

Faculty of Chemistry

CRC 858 "Synergetic Effects in Chemistry - From Additivity to Cooperativity"

CRC 1459 "Intelligent matter: From responsive to adaptive nanosystems"

TRR 61 "Multilevel Molecular Assemblies: Structure, Dynamics and Function"

Center for Nanotechnology (CeNTech)

Center for Soft Nanoscience (SoN)