In the year 2018 the funding by Santander reached the mark of one million euros. From the left: Prof. Dr. Monika Stoll (WWU), Prof. Dr. Johannes Wessels (Rektor), Andreas Glaser (Santander Deutschland), Fernando Silva (Santander), Petra Bölling (WWU), Roger Schlerf (Santander), Dr. Anke Kohl (WWU).
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Promoting internationalisation together

Business cooperation with Santander Universities

„The Münster Graduate School of Evolution is more than an educative environment, it is a place where ideas and knowledge can circulate freely. The workshops demonstrate that young creative minds in the right environment with an experienced Think Tank can be the source of new unexpected scientific relevant results with encouraging perspectives”, says Diana Ferro, PhD student at the Münster Graduate School of Evolution and member of the interdisciplinary Evolution Think Tank. The think tank is financed as part of the business cooperation between the University of Münster and Santander Universities. The Santander Bank has been supporting three internationalisation projects at the University since 2013. In addition to the Evolution Think Tank, in which German and international researchers collaborate, Santander Universities supports the expansion of the advice services for international undergraduate and doctoral students at the International Centre “Die Brücke” and the WWU Graduate Centre. Santander Universities also sponsors the University’s scholarship programme ProTalent which promotes outstanding students with an international specialisation. In 2018, this funding reached the mark of one million euros.

The University of Münster believes internationalisation plays a key role in making an excellent university, and therefore has made internationalisation a strategic goal in its mission statement. Among the central goals of its internationalisation strategies is to create an outstanding advising and supervising structure for all international target groups as well as expand international research activities. Thanks to the support provided by Santander Universities, the University of Münster has been able to significantly expand these activities in recent years.

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Julian Wonner
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„Thanks to the financial support by Santander I was able to focus fully on my studies. The regular exchange with my sponsor and my visit in Mönchengladbach provided exciting insights into the world of work. I am very grateful to SANTANDER UNIVERSITIES for this opportunity.“

Julian Wonner, former ProTalent scholarship holder