The Rectorate, participants in the funded projects and representatives of Santander on a stairway in the Philosophikum.
The Rectorate, participants in the funded projects and representatives of Santander on the occasion of the signing of the contract in 2019.
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Business cooperation and sponsoring

Shaping progress together

We are looking for strong corporate partners who can join us in shaping the progress of society – for example, by supporting science and financing training programmes for junior researchers.

If you wish to introduce yourself to students at the University and recruit talented young academics for your company, we would be happy to help you find suitable projects and events. Through advertising, event sponsoring or longer-term business cooperation, you can generate attention and enhance your reputation at the University of Münster.

With your support, we can implement innovative and ground-breaking projects. And your company stands to benefit as well. For example, you can:

  • enhance your corporate image in your PR activities by associating yourself with the good name of the University of Münster
  • improve your name recognition through our communication channels
  • position your company as conscientious and socially committed
  • recruit qualified future employees
  • strengthen the economy of Germany and the Münsterland region.

Naturally, we ensure that your commitment receives due recognition regardless of the amount you contribute or the funding project you support.

Please contact us and we will send you an individual offer for a cooperative partnership.

Click here for more information about our business partnership with Santander Universities.

© Uni Münster - Thomas Mohn

“The internationalisation efforts at the University of Münster are quite advanced and firmly anchored as a strategic goal. With our funding, we’re helping to ensure that international researchers and young academics are provided with excellent working conditions and receive outstanding supervision and advice. Through our support of 1,200 universities and institutions in 21 countries worldwide, we promote global cooperation in the higher education sector. International experience and relationships are an important factor in today’s globally networked world of academics and business.”

Alberto Dörr, Director of Santander Universities Germany