Endowments and bequests

Providing long-term support to a meaningful cause

Help us assume greater social responsibility by supporting research, teaching and training programmes for junior researchers. In this way you can ensure that the brightest minds in our region have access to the best education and research conditions in the long term.

Endowments, funds and trusts, administered by the Universitätsstiftung Münster, have proven to be especially well-suited for providing sustainable funding. The amount you donate remains undiminished as we only use the returns on the foundation capital to support the funding purpose. By supporting education and research in this way, you can shape the future and support generations to come – in your lifetime and beyond.

Further information on the University of Münster Foundation can be found here (in German).

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“Supporting and honouring outstanding achievement in academics is very important to me. Talented young academics need to be promoted and discovered, and that’s why I founded the Dr. Andreas Dombret Foundation under the aegis of the Stiftung WWU.”

Dr. Dr. h. c. Andreas Dombret, former member of the Board of the German Federal Bank, Founder of the Dr. Andreas Dombret-Foundation and Alumnus of the University of Münster

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Foundation donations

By donating to the University foundation, you augment the capital base of the University of Münster Foundation, thereby supporting the efforts of the foundation as a whole. The University’s management team chooses strategically important projects which promote young researchers or cutting-edge research which we then specifically support with the returns on your endowment.


By establishing an endowment under the aegis of the University of Münster Foundation, you can support a specific project or research area which is especially important to you. This type of contribution enables you to shape the future and support the generation of tomorrow. Endowments are an interesting alternative to foundation as they can be managed simply and non-bureaucratically. In addition, an endowment can be named after yourself or someone who is dear to you. This ensures that you (or a loved one) will be remembered for generations to come.


You can also establish your own foundation and have it managed by the University of Münster Foundation, provided the purpose of your foundation serves to promote a project or research area of the University of Münster. Foundations can also bear your name or that of someone you care about.

Legacies and bequests

If you wish to ensure that your legacy has a long-lasting impact, the University of Münster Foundation is the right address. Your contribution can have various forms, e.g.:

Legacy or bequest

There are various ways to arrange an endowment or donation in your will.

For example, the University of Münster Foundation can be designated as beneficiary or joint beneficiary so that the Foundation may assume all the rights and duties of a legatee.
Alternatively, you can arrange for a bequest which disposes a certain amount of the testamentary assets (i.e. a specified amount of money) to the Foundation.

Your legacy will remain intact

Because the University of Münster Foundation is an accredited non-profit foundation, donors are not required to pay inheritance or gift tax on their contributions. Therefore, your legacy can work to fully support the funding purpose of your choice.

Detailed information concerning the topic of "Inheritance and Bequest" can be found on the homepage of the University of Münster Foundation (in German).


Please contact us!

We would be very happy to sit down with you and discuss your individual funding wishes. If you wish, we will gladly put you in contact with legal experts who can help you draw up a will.