Funding options

Why should you support the University of Münster? Because...

  • education and knowledge are the most valuable and sustainable resources in our society.
  • research shapes our future with pioneering breakthroughs and life-changing innovations.
  • investment in instruction and young qualified academics helps guarantee future progress.

All of these are good reasons to support the University of Münster. In the following, we present an overview of our various funding options.

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Every donation supports knowledge and education

With your donation you can help finance important projects or support the efforts of the University of Münster Foundation, thereby providing a contribution to science and education at the University of Münster on an ongoing basis. We welcome every donation whatever the amount – for even small donations add up to make an enormous impact.

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Donating instead of gift-giving

Letting special occasions benefit good causes

There are special occasions in life when we share moments of joy or sadness with others, be it friends, family or clients. Instead of asking for presents or flowers, you can make the occasion even more meaningful by asking your guests to donate to special projects at the University of Münster. In this way, you can make a long-term contribution to promoting the development of our society through research and education.

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Endowments and bequests

Providing long-term support to a meaningful cause

By creating an endowment, you support the University of Münster Foundation as a whole. With a fund or trust, you can provide targeted funding for a project or research area which is especially important to you. The amount of your donation never diminishes; all funding projects and measures are financed exclusively from the returns on the foundation capital of the fund or trust. If you wish to ensure that your inheritance has a long-lasting impact, the University of Münster Foundation is the right address. Your endowment can shape the future and support generations to come – in your lifetime and beyond.

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Business cooperation and sponsoring

Shaping progress together

We are looking for strong corporate partners who can join us in shaping the progress of society – for example, by supporting science and financing training programmes for junior researchers.
If you wish to introduce yourself to students at the University and recruit talented young academics for your company, we would be happy to help you find suitable projects and events. Through advertising, event sponsoring or longer-term business cooperation, you can generate attention and enhance your reputation at the University of Münster.

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Court-ordered fines

The University of Münster Foundation accepts payment of court-ordered fines resulting from criminal investigations or clemency proceedings. The Foundation is listed in the corresponding databases of the Düsseldorf Staatsanwaltschaft (Public Prosecutor’s Office, responsible for North Rhine-Westphalia), the Oldenburg Oberlandesgericht (Higher Regional Court, responsible for Lower Saxony) and the Frankfurt Oberlandesgericht. If you are a member of the legal branch and can impose fines for payment to non-profit organisations, we would greatly appreciate it if you considered us.

Our account for payment of court-ordered fines is:

Universitätsstiftung Münster
Bank: Sparkasse Münsterland Ost
IBAN: DE17 4005 0150 0000 5790 37

We would be happy to provide you with a transfer form and address stickers listing our bank details. Simply send an email to


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Individual arrangements

What ideas do you have?

If you have ideas or wishes of your own regarding a particular topic or project that you wish to support at the University of Münster, we urge you to get in contact with us. We would be happy to assist you further and show you how you can support research, teaching and students.
Please contact us!