Donating instead of gift-giving

Letting special occasions benefit good causes
© WWU - Peter Grewer

There are special occasions in life when we share moments of joy or sadness with others, be it friends, family or clients. Instead of asking for presents or flowers, you can make your celebration even more meaningful by asking your guests to donate to special projects at the University of Münster. In this way, you can make a long-term contribution to promoting the development of our society through research and education.
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Joachim A. Haupt with four of his scholarship holders at the scholarship celebration in 2016
Joachim A. Haupt (m.) with four of his scholarship holders at the scholarship celebration in 2016
© WWU - Peter Grewer

“For my birthday, instead of presents I asked for donations to help talented, ambitious, young people. In this way I gave the party a future-oriented meaning and did something good for the education of the next generation. The number of donors and the amount they donated was very impressive, and I think it’s fabulous that my birthday party was an opportunity to shape the future and benefit the educational ambitions of the younger generation.”

Joachim A. Haupt, Managing Director of WBV GmbH & Co. KG, ProTalent scholarship sponsor

Our service for you

  • If you wish to use your celebration to support the University of Münster, please contact us in advance so that we can discuss your wishes regarding the funding purpose.
  • We would be happy to provide an info flyer for your guests concerning the project you wish to support.
  • Furthermore, we will monitor all incoming payments and deposit them into a specially designated account for you.
  • After a certain time, we will send you an overview of all the donations we received.
  • We will also send donation receipts to all the donors who included their names and addresses on the bank transfer forms.

Please contact us!