Funding topics and projects

Are you interested in supporting research, teaching or students at the University of Münster?

Together we can help you find a funding project with a thematic focus which is important to you. In this way, you can be sure that your donation, sponsored contribution or endowment will be used to support junior academics and cutting-edge research endeavours. The following is a selection of our current funding projects.

Rufen gemeinsam zu Spenden auf: Prof. Dr. Johannes Wessels (Rektor der Universität Münster) (l.), Matthias Schwarte (Kanzler der Universität Münster) (4. v. r.) sowie Vertreterinnen und Vertreter der Stabsstelle Universitätsförderung, der Universitätsstiftung Münster, der Universitätsgesellschaft, des Alumni-Clubs und des Allgemeinen Studierendenausschusses.
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Crisis Fund of the University of Muenster

Help students in need

The Recorate of the University, the Universitätsstiftung Münster, the Universitätsgesellschaft Münster e. V., the Alumni-Club Universität Münster and the General Students’ Committee (AStA) are calling for donations for the Crisis Fund. The fund supports students which are in financial need due to the current crisis. The Fundraising Departement coordinates the fund.

ProTalent scholarship holders with their certificates in the aula, Link to
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ProTalent scholarship programme

Funding the best junior academics

Germany’s future rests in the hands of its brightest minds. That is why the University of Münster established its own scholarship programme titled ProTalent to promote outstanding students at an early stage and support the training programmes of qualified junior academics. Donate today and become a scholarship sponsor!

Vertreter der Rottendorf-Stiftung und der Universität Münster beschlossen im September 2022 die EInrichtung einer Stiftungsprofessur.
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Endowed professorships at the University of Münster

Setting new impulses in research with an endowed professorship - Together with donors who wish to carry out research in a specific field, the University of Münster looks for opportunities to develop new knowledge for the benefit of our society. Find out more about the history and framework conditions of endowed professorships at the University of Münster.

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Become a sponsor of the Botanical Garden

Support the Botanical Garden of the Uniersity

As a public garden and scientific institute in one, the garden in the middle of the city offers peace and relaxation as well as interesting facts about plants from all over the world. In order to preserve this oasis for you, the University needs your support. Please help us preserve rare plants and endangered species so that we can continue presenting these to the public. Become part of our community as a plant sponsor or supporter.

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The University of Münster Foundation

Top-level research - Supporting junior talents - Passing on knowledge

The University of Münster strives to achieve the highest quality in research and teaching. To this end, the Universitätsstiftung Münster (University of Münster Foundation) supports the University in its efforts to meet this goal. For example, through the University’s ‘ProTalent’ scholarship programme, the Foundation awards scholarships to the best junior academics.

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Observe. Understand. Act. The free map for environmental data.

How is the air quality in the classroom? What is the noise level in my street? Questions like these can be explored and answered effortlessly by anyone today using the environmental data of the openSenseMap. Schools, research institutions, cities, and committed citizens worldwide benefit from this freely available data of the openSenseMap and even more, they can quickly and easily share the data from their own environmental stations with the whole world. Support us now so that this valuable platform continues to be available to all interested parties!

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"Q.UNI" – The Children and Youth Academy of the University of Münster

Getting children and young people excited about science

Support talented young academics from the outset by contributing to "Q.UNI", the Children and Youth Academy of the University of Münster. We offer programmes suitable to every age group – from the children’s academy to trial courses for prospective students. At the "Q.UNI Camp" in the summer, children have the chance to embark on their own scientific expeditions.

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Become a cultural sponsor of the University of Münster

Support the University’s art and cultural projects

Through the "Kulturfonds" (Cultural Fund) the University of Münster supports numerous projects organised by more than 30 choirs, theatre groups and culturally active participants on campus every year. Our support measures are key to ensuring the sustainability of the ensembles. However, in order to launch new projects and create new opportunities for cultural encounter, these organisations rely on the generous support of private donors. In our flyer you can find out how you too can become a cultural sponsor:

Download Flyer (in German)

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Business supports science

Business cooperation an sponsoring

The University of Münster believes internationalisation is key in making an excellent university, and consequently has made internationalisation a strategic goal in its mission statement. Through its cooperation with Santander Universities, the University of Münster has extensively strengthened its advice and support services for international target groups and expanded its international research activities since 2013.

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Your own project

What would you like to support?

If you have ideas or wishes of your own regarding a particular topic or project that you wish to support at the University of Münster, we urge you to get in contact with us. We would be happy to assist you further and show you various ways in which you can support research, teaching and students.
Please contact us!