Since November 2011 the Center for European Gender Studies (ZEUGS) has existed in Department 6 of Educational and Social Sciences at the University of Muenster (WWU). With a coalition of scientists from the Institute of Political Science, the Institute of Education and the Institute of Sociology a platform was created in Germany to orient gender studies in an interdisciplinary and international (especially at a European level) fashion. The ZEUGS considers itself to be a forum for theoretical and empirical foundational research of the emergence and development of democratic gender relations. The overall goal of the center is to examine the constitution and basis of social gender relations and their solidification in the form of institutional gender order pertaining to topics that overstep faculty boundaries.

With this interdisciplinary orientation, the center aims to strengthen the dialogue and cooperation among the disciplines assembled at the University of Muenster, intensify research and teaching in the field of gender studies, optimize the education of students by pooling resources and expertise in this field, as well as promote networking, coordination and the implementation of interdisciplinary research projects within and outside the University of Muenster.