Master of Science "Sports, Exercise and Human Performance"

The study programme

The Master of Science "Sports, Exercise and Human Performance" represents a specialized masters degree focusing strongly on research. In particular, the study programme is characterized by its alignment on scientific methods as well as its strong direction into internationally used standards and the imparting of field-typical ‚soft-skills‘ without implicating any sport specific practices.
The study programme aims to enable students to work in research-based occupational areas, to make scienfitically based decisions, to generate knowledge, as well as being able to do diagnostics, planning and evaluating independently.
The students should achieve profession-specific competences in leadership and communication skills to finally be placed in leading and decisive staff positions.
The masters degree is a graduate program including 120 ECTS-Credit-Points designed for undergraduate students who achieved skills in natural and behavioural sciences including medical aspects of sports and human movement. Elementary methodological knowledge is necessary as well as capabilities in experimental and field research.

Qualifications of this study programme

  • Competencies in independent research (conception, planning and execution; conduct of research projects on international standards)
  • Competencies in implementing scientific results in training and rehabilitation
  • Competencies in executing evaluation studies in terms of sports, exercise and human performance
  • Competencies in an effective preparation and processing of scientific results for decision-making

Excellent students will be offered a 'fast-track‘-version. This possibility will combine the graduate programme and the start of a PhD-graduation, aiming on a scientific occupation and the initiation of a further academic career.

  • Modules of the Master

    Here you can find an overview about all the modules (2017, 2022) and in the following table you can find descriptions of each module in separate.

    Module Title and responsible lecturer Study regulation PO 17//22
    1 Exercise and Sports Psychology (Strauß) 2017//2022
    2 Motor Control and Learning (Wagner) 2017//2022
    3 Exercise and Sports Biology (Voelcker-Rehage) 2017//2022
    4 Advanced Research Methods (Wagner) 2017//2022
    5 Skills for Scientific Labor Markets (Meier/Dreiskämper) 2017//2022
    6 Current Research Project (Dreiskämper) 2017//2022
    7 Professional Specialization and Project Design (Dreiskämper) 2017//2022
    8 Master Module (Strauß, Eils, Wagner, Meier) 2017//2022
  • Structure of the programme
    Module structure
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    Structure of the programme

  • Entrance criteria and requirements

    The study program is limited to an overall capacity of 20 students. The program will start in the winter semester only. An admission regulation (download as PDF) [de] controls and organizes the approval.

    Admission requirements:
    1.    Graduation in a subject-specific undergraduate study programme including a standard period of study of 6 semesters which awarded a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) or comparable qualifications for a profession degree
    2.    At least 10 Credit-Points in Statistics (e.g. advanced statistics and/or experimental methods)
    3.    At least 5 Credit-Points in Biology, especially in sports and/or Biomechanics
    4.    At least 5 Credit-Points in Psychology, especially sports psychology and/or neuroscience

    The following documents have to be submitted:
    1.    Certificate of the general university entrance qualifications (e.g., Abitur-Zeugnis)
    2.    Certificate of the profession qualifying degree (if not available yet, it is necessary to submit a preliminary certificate of at least 150 Credit-Points within the first five semesters, if the current University does not provide a preliminary document, an official transcript of records is temporarily sufficient)
    3.    Certificate about sufficient language skills in English
    4.    Personal data sheet
    5.    Certificate about prior study and test performances (transcript of records)
    6.    If applicable further documents that prove the suitability for this graduate program
    7.    If applicable a motivational letter (must contain the specific interests in the program and the location Münster)
    8.    If applicable documents that prove the existence of a hardship provision (e.g. certificate of disability)

    Selection process
    The selection process is based on the following criteria:
    1.    Grade of the undergraduate certificate
    2.    Qualifications judged by the selection committee
    a)    Scientific internships beyond the curriculum (max. 5 points)
    b)    Relevant professional experience (max. 5 points)
    c)    An extraordinary motivation regarding the aimed masters degree (max. 5 points)
    d)    Other and additional relevant qualifications (max. 5 points)

  • Timetable

    The current timetable for first semester students can be downloaded as a pdf from the following link:

    1st semester

  • Examinations

    Here you can find the examination schedule for the current semester [en].

  • Application deadlines

    All information regarding application deadlines can be found here.

    Application at the University of Münster:

  • Reviews, projects, theses

    An overview of the current review, thesis and research project topics offered can be found via this link.

  • Employability

    Will be updated soon...