Our Labs

  • © Semjon Janauschek

    Motion Lab

    The big Motion Lab is the heart of the OpenLab. Here we are able to record movements and resulting forces via different motion analysis systems and forceplates. Furthermore, equipment for measuring brain activity, eye movement, muscle activity and more is available, as well as hardware such as a treadmill, ergometers, or projection screens.

    Integrated into the Motion Lab is a gallery that can be used as a seminar room. This is also where the LabTalks take place regularly. The LabTalks are an oppertunity for internal and external researchers to present their work and exchange knowledge.

  • © Tanja Janssen


    The Neuromotor & Training Lab gives researchers the opportunity for in-depth analysis of performance and assessment of neurocognitive processes. Among others, the Lab is equipped with EEG, Spiroergometry, and a driving simulator.

    Detailed information to specific equipment can be found here.

  • © N. Breuker (Medienlabor IfS)


    The Gait-Realtime-Analysis-Interactive-Lab is a large-scale research device for the study of human locomotion in an interactive virtual environment with real-time motion analysis and online feedback. The GRAIL consists of a 180° projection-based VR environment with surround audio system, in which a multifunctional treadmill with integrated force plates is implemented and synchronized with the VR. The device is complemented by a complex, spatio-temporally high-resolution motion analysis system with 10 special infrared cameras and a wireless electromyography for mobile measurement of muscle activity patterns. The motion analysis system as well as the force plates represent the interface for interaction of the test subjects with the VR and the treadmill (e.g. self-paced mode).

  • © Semjon Janauschek

    Movement Science Lab

    The Movement Science Lab enables researchers to conduct pilot studies or smaller-scale research. The Lab has a well-equipped workshop, which allows for testing and improvement of various equipment and hardware.