About us


The movement laboratory OpenLab  was established at the initiative of the Departments of Movement Science, Sport Psychology and Neuromotor Exercise. The construction of the lab was financed by the University of Münster and the laboratory equipment was funded proportionally by the German Research Foundation, the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences. The OpenLab is located inside the ball sports hall which was built 2009.


The OpenLab plays a particular role within the Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences with regard to the experimental and scientific training and assistance of PhD students, as well as Master's and Bachelor's students. This primarily refers to students of the participating Departments of Movement Science, Human Performance and Training in Sports, Sport Psychology and Social Sciences in Sport. The educational mission of the lab lies within the scientific education, the practical notice of the students with scientific methodologies and modern experimental technologies. Moreover, functional aims involve the promotion of autonomous thinking, the correct handling with computer softwares for the management and evaluation of experiments, as well as independent programming.

From a content perspective the lectureship of the OpenLab consists of different components and can be subdivided into 4 areas:

1. Experimental Projects;

2. Methodical Courses;

3. Presentation & Discussion of Results;

4. Data Recording and Data Processing


Use by External Groups

The manifold research opportunities presented with the OpenLab shall also be available for external user groups. Thereby, interdisciplinary collaborations shall be encouraged and synergetic effects at the University of Münster are generated. The implementation of projects is possible in cooperation with the present working groups but can also be realized by selfmanagement. In that sense, please do not hesitate to contact us.