OpenLab Tutorials

You want to carry out a research project in the rooms of the OpenLab?
Or want to get more information on the hard- and software used in the Lab?

We have a tutorial available in the Learnweb environment of the University Münster. There you will find a collection of short videos that introduce the OpenLab, explain all hardware, and give you a general briefing about usage of the OpenLab. The tutorial is available in German and English. To get access to the tutorial, please send a request per email:


Subject: "Request OpenLab tutorial"

Message content:

  • Your full name
  • Your WWU User ID
  • A short explanation of your request
  • If you need the tutorial in German or English language

After your request we will get back to you shortly. After your request has been accepted, you will find the tutorial in the Learnweb environment under "My courses" ⇒ "Term-independent".

Requests from non-WWU-members can be approved under fitting circumstances. If this is the case, please give a more detailed explaination of your request.