Dr. Sarah Weigelt

Homepage: www.neuromance.de


Research Areas

  • Development of vision
  • Social perception and cognition
  • Visual illusions and Gestalt phenomena
  • Motion processing
  • FMRI in children and adolescents
  • FMRI adaptation
  • Autism

Academic CV

2012-2013 Visiting Scientist
Institute of Psychology, University of Münster
2009- Postdoctoral Researcher
Department of Brain and Cognitive Science, MIT
2008-2009 Postdoctoral Researcher
Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, Frankfurt
2005-2009 Ph.D.
Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, Frankfurt
University of Maastricht
2003-2004 Diploma Thesis
Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, Frankfurt
1998-2004 Psychology and Philosophy
University of Düsseldorf


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Kaas, A.L., Weigelt, S., Roebroeck, A., Kohler, A., Muckli, L. (2009). Imagery of a moving object: the role of occipital cortex and human MT/V5+. Neuroimage, 49: 794-804.

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Awards and fellowships

2012 Postdoctoral Fellowship of the Daimler und Benz Foundation (Postdoktorandenstipendium)
2011 Fellow of the Robert Bosch Foundation ("Fast Track program")
2010 Postdoctoral Fellow of the Simon's Initiative on Autism and the Brain at MIT
2009 Otto Hahn Medal of the Max Planck Society
2009 “Cum Laude” (highest distinction) of Maastricht University