| QT.Roadmapping


The Ministries of Culture and Science (MKW) and of Economic Affairs, Industry, Climate Action and Energy (MWIKE) have kicked off a Roadmapping process for developing Quantum Technologies in North Rhine-Westphalia, which will be lead by our colleagues from the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology (ILT) and coordinated by the newly established office QT.NMWP.NRW. We are excited to contribute to the process!


Photonics West 2024

Alejandro and Carsten present work on integrating SNSPDs with subwavelength grating structures and photonic integrated circuits at Photonics West and Quantum West in San Francisco. Check out their contributions 12890-16 and 12911-7!

| AGPP Teaching Award
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AGPP Teaching Award

Congratulations to Adrian and Paul (now with Prof. Heusler) on winning the Teaching Award of the Working Group Undergraduate Physics Laboratory (Arbeitsgruppe Physikalische Praktika, AGPP) of the German Physical Society (DPG) together with our colleagues at the Institute of Physics Education, the Institute of Physics and the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences for our joint work on the MiReQu-Project, allowing students to experience entanglement and it's use in quantum key distribution through augmented reality environments.


© Becker/Riegelmeyer

Photo-Chemical Activation Functions for Neural Networks

Our joint work with the AG Risse and the AG Ravoo on using Azobenzene-based Photo-Chemical Activation Functions in Optical Artificial Neural Networks is now published in Advanced Intelligent Systems! We use a physically motivated model and obtain a tuneable yet interpretable activiation function that enables solving classification tasks such as XOR, Circle, MNIST and FashionMNIST with a neural network. This is an important stepping stone for understanding Intelligent Matter.


European Quantum Technologies Conference 2023

The European Quantum Technology Community meets at EQTC in Hannover to discuss progress, perspectives and transfer of research and recent developments in the field. Alejandro and Carsten will present work in our European projects ESSENS and SURQUID.

| MNF-Day
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October 19th is MNF-Day!

The Münster Nanofabrication Facility will host an Open Day on October 19th and showcase its capabilities at the Center for Soft Nanoscience. Register for an interactive program addressing experienced users as well as newbies and everyone who is curious about what the MNF is and how it could elevate your research or development projects to the next level.

| MultiQomm-project
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Join us on the MultiQomm-project

We have started work on the MultiQomm-project, developing novel highly-integrated Quantum Key Distribution solutions, with our partners at Pixel Photonics and the University of Heidelberg. Read about the project here and get in touch if you want to be part of the team as a Bachelor, Master or PhD student!

| Welcome Celeste!
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Welcome Celeste!

Clara Celeste Qvotrup is a visiting PhD-student from Prof. Midolo's group at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen

| Welcome Ekaterina and Hamed!
Kat And Hamed
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Welcome Ekaterina and Hamed!

Ekaterina Sokolovskaya joins us as a new PhD student and Hamed Ragab Hassanein will pursue his Master's degree with us.

| ZfW - Workshop on Artificial Intelligence
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ZfW - Workshop on Artificial Intelligence

Marco's and Jan's work on novel applications and implementations of AI in photonics was presented at the workshop "Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Matter" Zentrum für Wissenschaftstheorie - Workshop Künstliche Intelligenz

Benjamin Risse, with whom we work on coherent optical artificial neural networks in the context of the Collaborative Research Center on Intelligent Matter SFB 1459 also contributed to the panel discussion on ChatGPT, featured in the local news: Westfälische Nachrichten - AI & ChatGPT.

| DPG - Spring Meetings
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DPG - Spring Meetings

It is that time of the year again: DPG-Spring Meeting will bring the Atom, Molecule, Quantum Optic and Photonik (SAMOP) community to Hannover. Our group will present contributions on:

  • Deep Learning Accelerated FDFD Simulations in Context of Inverse-Design Algorithms (Lukas Schulte, Tuesday, 7.3., 16:30, Q22.76)
  • Fabrication of Computer-Generated Nanophotonic Devices (David Lemli, Tuesday, 7.3., 16:30, Q22.84)
  • Teaching Quantum Optics and Quantum Cryptography with Augmented Reality Enhanced Experiments (Adrian Abazi, Wednesday, 8.3., 12:30, Q23.7)
  • A Novel Approach to Nanophotonic Black-Box Optimization Through Reinforcement Learning (Marco Butz, Wednesday, 8.3., 11:00, Q30.1)
  • Waveguide-coupled superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors enhanced by subwavelength grating metamaterials (Alejandro Sánchez Postigo, Wednesday, 8.3., 15:00, Q35.3)
  • The Twente-Münster high-speed quantum key distribution link (Niklas Humberg, Wednesday, 8.3., 16:30, QI23.47)
  • Waveguide-Intergrated Superconducting Nanowire Avalanche Single-Photon Detectors (Connor A. Graham-Scott, Wednesday, 8.3., 17:30, Q44.3)
  • Multi-channel waveguide-integrated single photon sources (Chaiyasit Nenbangkaeo, Thursday, 9.3., 16:00, Q53.6)
  • 3D Printed Optical Waveguide Structures with Microdiamonds containing NV Centers (Marina Peters, Thursday, 9.3., 16:30, Q59.62)
Hope to see you at our posters and talks!

| DPG - Spring Meetings
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DPG - Spring Meetings

Starting next week, our group will again contribute to three out of the four DPG spring meetings this year!
Matthias (Q11.2), Jan (Q31.8), Marco (Q38.2), and Alex (Q53.4) will have oral contributions, Connor (Q40.11) and Tobias (Q41.12) will present posters on the SAMOP meeting (14.-18.3.). Paul (DD3.3) and Adrian (DD17.1) will have oral contributions and Jonas (DD37.2) will present a poster on the SMuK meeting (21.-25.3.). And Anthony will present our joint work with the AG Wurstbauer on the SKM meeting, which was shifted to September.

| EIN Quantum NRW
© AG Schuck

EIN Quantum NRW

North Rhine-Westphalia strengthens Education, Innovation, and Networking (EIN) in quantum technologies. The University of Münster is among the twelve founding members of the "EIN Quantum NRW" network, which counts with strong endorsement from Hendirk Wüst, Minister-President of North Rhine-Westphalia as well as the Ministry of Culture and Science and the Ministry of Economics, Innovation, Digitization, and Energy.

| International Day of Women and Girls in Science
© J. Schütte

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Today is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, featuring Lisa, who is currently holding an INSPIRE Potentials SPIN Master’s fellowship, speaking about her experience in science.

| U Twente - WWU Münster Collaboration Grant
© Pinkse & Schuck

U Twente - WWU Münster Collaboration Grant

We are very happy to be selected for one of the U Twente - WWU Münster Collaboration Grants with our partner Prof. Pepijn Pinkse at MESA+ and the Faculty of Science and Technology in Twente!
We will be working on a new international Quantum Key Distribution Link between our universities using modern nanophotonic chips with superconducting nanowire single photon detectors.
Also, many congrats to our colleagues on both sides of the border for their exciting  UT-WWU Collaboration Grant proposals!

| Quantum Communication Development Environment
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Quantum Communication Development Environment

Our proposal for a Millikelvin-Microwave-Photonic Probestation was selected for funding in the German Research Foundation's (DFG) Quantum Communication Development Environment (QCDE) call within the Major Instrumentation Initiative. Most credit goes to Prof. Hubert Krenner, who coordinated the proposal. We are looking forward to working with AGs Krenner, Bratschitsch and Wurstbaueron this exciting project!

| Alex' and Tobias' work in ACS Photonics
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© A. Eich

Alex' and Tobias' work in ACS Photonics

Alex and Tobias report the integration of colloidal quantum dots with nanophotonic waveguides in ACS Photonics with contributions from the AG Bratschitschand AG Pernice. They managed to both excite the quantum dots and collect single fluorescence photons via Ta2O5-on-insulator waveguides and report on how the approach can be scaled to larger system size.